Bangalore Indi-meet with Asus

I took early leave that day. This time Indiblogger scheduled the meet in the evening at 5:30 pm. We have strict instruction that we should reach there in time. I was little late. Reached after 6:00 pm but that proved to be in time. In fact when I reached there, bloggers were still coming in.

The program started at 6:30 pm with a rock performance. It was good to see Anoop as the host. Initially I thought Indiblogger maestro Renie didn’t come but later someone else showed him. He was taking a step back when Anoop was taking control of the centre stage.

As soon as the performance started we were asked to stand up and cheer the band and come closer to the dias. Well it was part of the cheering up the crowd. Little bit of other warm ups tuned the audience to the tempo of the meet. The tempo was set in a very high note.

After the initial warm up Asus Project manager David Chu told us about the two main products Asus was running marketing campaign for, the Asus Eee book and all in one PC ET2040. Before going to the meet we were asked to write about the Asus products in another contest and while writing for that contest I became very interested in both new innovations from Asus. It was indeed a great experience to learn about these products from the company’s Project Manager and PR manager.

Then came a brief blogger interaction session where bloggers were asked to meet other bloggers from the city and collect their personal items. Well, as I didn’t carry anything there I was not sure what to give to other bloggers when we meet. Women were lucky in that aspect as they always carry one bag and always have something or the other to give away.

Things bloggers have collected ranged from Pencil to Spectacles. Someone got a piece of ginger, someone else got handkerchief. When the excitement was building up and when people were interacting other bloggers from the city they did try to collude between themselves in order to get vouchers. For example when one blogger claimed that he had got a mobile, no one believed him. Everyone knew that he had colluded with the other blogger.

After that we were asked to visit the Asus arena where the two products were kept. This gave us first hand exposure to the products. I was very interested to see the hand gesture feature of Asus PC but initially when we were trying we were not successful. Then Asus manager David came and demonstrated the feature to us. Well I must say that they need to improve this feature as I was not that impressed by this.

Their Eeebook was another excitement and I am still wondering how they could manufacture something so light (it is less than one KG).

We were asked to tweet about our experience of Asus arena and this is what I had tweeted –

It was around 9 pm when Anoop came up with another team game for bloggers. He divided all the attendees into five groups and then gave them some topics to perform from bloggers perspective. Our task was to show the importance of blogging in a music video format.

The team was innovative and was quick to write a song on blogging that we performed. Well danced it out somehow.

Around 9:30 we went for dinner. Dinner was simple menu and was delicious. We headed for our homes at 10 pm. I was wondering how would bloggers from outside Banaglore safely reach their destinations? Many of them had to catch cabs to their destinations.

In the end we have taken a group photo of all bloggers.

Overall I felt that the meet was little lengthy. Bloggers introduction was innovative but the overall program was little stretched. Many bloggers who came from outside Bangalore had to take one day off for this meet. I hope next time Indi team organizes such events on weekends.



2 thoughts on “Bangalore Indi-meet with Asus”

  1. Hey Partha, that was a crisp description of the event.Yes, time was a concern at the end. It was quite late when I reached home. Was nice meeting you. Haven’t been to your blog after my first visit. Hope to catch up soon.


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