The touch

The aircraft landed at 10 am. Varun hurried towards belt number 6 to collect their luggage. RIni followed him. It had been a long twelve hours journey from Frankfurt with one stopover. They were really tired. More than physical tiredness the couple was busy in a mental game. This was not against each other but against an unseen danger, unforeseen future. Today they realize that a life can change in a moment.

They took one pre-paid AC cab from airport. They wanted to travel to their home peacefully. The driver was a Punjabi who also spoke English. None of them were talking to each other. They were only playing the game. Some abstract calculations about some possible arguments, past incidents, possible punishments etc. Rini’s sister-in-law Namrata had just filed a rape case against her 75 year old father and also accused Rini and Varun as accomplices. Complaint is, when they came to Kolkata in last year’s puja they demanded more dowry from her and on not bringing the money they all raped her. RIni’s brother and her parents are already in jail. Now it is the turn of Varun. He couldn’t stay overseas as in that case a red corner notice would have been issued against him. The court was kind enough to give them time to surrender before the court. Their lawyer suggested to cooperate with the legal proceedings else the court could take stern action against them.

Indian rape laws have really become very stringent now.

The driver asked them which route they wanted him to take to go to Garia. They preferred the route via New Town. Approach towards VIP might be clogged.

They sat in two corners of the cab. The Sedan was spacious enough to leave a good space between them. Even RIni and Varun were not having a blissful marital life. Many a times the couple fought and a few times Rini had threatened to file dowry harassment case against him.

She never realized that the god has very little patience nowadays. As the cab whizzed past the IT parks and upcoming flat complexes in New Town, Rini’s mind was stormed by many little things. She needed someone to stay by her. But by constantly fighting with Varun she had lost his trust completely. She doesn’t know how to face this situation. She is a tough girl, she considers herself equal to Varun but at this time she wants to cry, she wants to cry hiding her face in Varun’s chest. She was playing with her bag’s handle to overcome this discomfort.

Varun was looking outside the window. He was thinking of his job, career and about his family. He never knew everything might turn upside down like this. Sometimes he becomes afraid of RIni as well. He is not able to buy his own flat because Rini threatened to file dowry harassment charges against him. He was initially happy that Rini’s family got such a case at least they would treat him properly. But by dragging him into the mud Namrata had proved women really could do anything to take revenge. His trust on women was completely lost. The more women take advantage of their being women, more they reduce their identity to their genitals. As if they have nothing else to show.

Varun was completely disgusted with the whole episode of dowry harassment, rape charge and the story surrounding it. No evidence, only based on her verbal statement so many people are facing jail term. Senior citizens are dragged to jail for a crime they had never committed. He felt that terrorists get better treatment in India. At least Supreme Court had said that “bail is the norm” while releasing one such terrorist.

When Arnesh Kumar judgement came and SC told police to stop automatic arrest, everyone was happy that Namrata would not be able to send them to jail. But they did not understand that SC did not say anything new. It had just reiterated the legal process that was existing and that should have been followed for so many years but was not followed.

He was angry on RIni more than he was on Namrata. It was because of Rini he was in this situation today. So far Rini had been threatening to file dowry case on him whenever they had fight, now that she got a case on her, Varun was also dragged in. He felt cheated by her entire family.

The cab reached Science City. So far the road was clean, free of traffic. He felt a soft touch on his right palm. It was Rini. She wanted to hold his palm. Thinking it was by mistake he took his hand away. He looked outside again. This area had more traffic and gradually the traffic is increased. A lot of good hospitals came up in this area. The cab was at Ruby hospital crossing. They are trying to rename the crossing as Desun more. Varun saw those huge ads of Desun hospital.

“I am sorry” It was Rini.

Varun knew it was told to him but didn’t feel like responding. Rini never thought twice when she threatened to file such cases on him. He knew that she wanted to dominate him in their relationship, so she had threatened repeatedly. Sometime she had threatened to commit suicide too. Varun was disgusted with her but he was stuck in a bad relationship.

“I said, I am sorry”, RIni said again.

“Sorry for what, RIni”, Varun tried to keep calm and pretend as if it was normal for him.

“That you are undergoing this because of me”

“So what do I do? Is there any way out?” Varun was irritated this time. He knew her sorry was only for a few minutes or may be a few days or till this situation lasted.

She went into silence again. She didn’t know how to resolve the situation. She felt like crying out loud. She felt like shouting at the top of her voice and let the world know that she threatened Varun many a times with these cases as she wanted to control him. She didn’t like him growing in his career, she didn’t like him being so handsome, she didn’t like Varun thinking of anything else other than her. She was exclusively for Varun, so she wanted to be in his focus always. Whenever Varun showed some other traits, she quarreled with him and ultimately she threatened to file dowry case each time. But she always knew deep in her mind that she would never want to lose him, she would never file such cases against him. She only wanted to control him.

To her, threatening to file such cases, was her biggest sense of equality. She wanted to show to the world all the time that she was not inferior to Varun but equal to him. She wanted to force Varun to respect her and she knew that respect comes from fear. So she created a situation of fear in his life. But now she realized this situation of fear had taken Varun away from her. Their sex life deteriorated, their happiness went away and now with such cases filed against her in reality, she was once again let down by another woman. She was once again proved to be less equal to Varun because now she needed his help, his support, she needed to cry. Her eyes got moistened, she desperately tried to control her tears. She couldn’t do any of those she desperately tried to do. She was an empowered lady, how could she seek help from a person she had always tried to show her supremacy in order to prove equality.

Varun looked at her in askance. She was looking outside, probably fighting an intense battle inside. He always wanted his relationship to work. He always believed that there was nothing like a happy relationship. Money can’t buy happiness. Money can’t buy a good relationship. He realized that Rini understood his value in her life. He understood that Rini wanted support in her bad times and probably she wanted to repent for her behaviour so far. He felt that she needed him the most and he just couldn’t turn away from the situation. He slowly put his hand on her left palm and pressed it firmly just to show that he is there for her. He was always there and will always be there for her. She couldn’t stop her this time. She broke down in his arms. She dragged him towards her, held herself tight in his chest and started crying out loud. She was unstoppable.

“Sir, we have reached Garia”; the driver said.

Don’t forget the importance of touch in your busy schedule. Sometime a simple touch can be the wackiest expression for I Love You. You don’t actually need to say those words.



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