When social is global is mobile

Ever since social media has gained prominence in our life we have suddenly become global and it happened in each of our life. Our connections increased like never before and we suddenly became exposed to a whole world that follows us every single moment in our life.

Before the advent of social media, when we used to be connected with others over emails I never realized our momentary life will become so important that one day we will be busy sharing every moment of our life on social media rather than getting actually involved with the society. When we look around in a bus station or busy railway station we find that young generation hooked to their mobile phones rather than with each other.

No wonder why this social media has made us increasingly lonely and diverted from the society. Rather than knowing someone at personal level we are busy knowing him through the lenses of social media. It is good in some way as we get 360 degree view (probably, as we get to know about what others think about that person) and can make our decisions better. But in most of such cases when everyone is connected only through online media what is the guarantee that they know the real person in real terms?

The danger lies when we try to form opinion about the other person based on his / her social presence. The real person may turn to be completely different. It is because social media can create hallucination about one person, fake social profiles can create havoc in everyone’s life and we have many examples of that.

Social media today has many merits and demerits. It can create enormous awareness about certain issues, it can also create and spread rumours easily. It has also become easy tool for exploitation of people. A group of people otherwise connected can create false notion about any topic on social media. That is how any blog can go viral easily or a social issue can become overly important to all.

With so much of information flowing in from all quarters our social bonding increases to a level that we couldn’t imagine before. Now the number of persons directly known to us has become less compared to persons known only in the virtual world. And our neighbourhood has just become global. The neighbour next door is no different from a neighbour thousands of miles away. In today’s increasingly social life (?) we don’t meet both in person. We just know each other in social networking sites.

But the requirement today is being mobile and being social at the same time. We have less time out for our social life and hence it is important that we are social at all points in time even when we are travelling.

So it does not matter whether I recognize this change in my surrounding, I will eventually be changed by this changing circumstances. Hence, I have no option but to adhere to changing social norms and be upwardly mobile and globally social.

I am also deeply impacted by this change. Even though I prefer my laptop to login to social networking but that is because I do blogging. For checking other social networks I only use by mobile. It was unthinkable for me even sometime ago but technology has made me more mobile and more acceptable to this new social norm. My mobile helps me connect with all my friends throughout the day. I purposefully switch off my mobile at night to have my piece of peace and stay out of the 24X7 public glare. Even though I can’t omit mobile devices for being social but I promised to myself that I will never become a slave to this globally social madness.



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