My befikar life

In the quest of being befikar (unfazed) what can you do? How do you want to lead an unfazed life? IDBI Federal lifesurance tries to find an answer to this. In this video commercial they have shown how a family of three generations have different worries for different age group members but how the insurance takes care of their worries –

For me, an unfazed or befikar or more bindaas life will essentially start with the following –

1. Leave the job – After all who wants to work? We all need to work as we have different needs for us. Even if I don’t show too much of greed, I do need food, clothing and a roof on my head. These are the basic needs of any human life. But in modern day to day life we also have become addicted to so many other things, mobile, electricity, internet, TV..and I have just named a few. More we get more we become addicted to new things. Marketing companies create new needs time and again. They sell more products to us even when we don’t need them. In this world of consumerism it is very difficult to think only about the basic needs and thus we can’t stop working until we die.

But when I think of a befikar life, I only think of getting rid the drudgery of our daily work. Let my everyday be different. To achieve that, first thing I will need is to leave my job that is feeding me today.

2. Eat to my heart’s desire – It is a well known fact that those who earn more actually eat less. Some are forced to eat less, some in order to maintain their health eat less, some others simply don’t have enough appetite. With increasing age we get never ending alert that we need to eat less and eat only certain types of food to avoid ailments. I am a foodie and I love experimenting with food, trying out different things. I pity vegetarians who are missing more than 50% of world’s delicacies. Even by being a non vegetarian I couldn’t so far taste all different delicacies from around the world. I don’t want to restrict my choice any more. I want to eat, eat and eat…oh I am aging and doctors are putting so many restrictions to my eating. But my bindaas life can not have such restrictions. So I need to eat and still not fall sick.

3. Travel far and wide – A befikar life is an amazing life that is envied by all. To complete this cycle I need to travel far and wide and explore this beautiful world before my life comes to an abrupt end. Well, that is inevitable and that is the reason I want to travel to places and explore the world and know other’s culture, heritage and contribution to our mankind. The expenses should not be any constraint.

4. Protest more against malpractices – Safety is a basic need for any human being. Our safety needs can be met only to some extent by the govt. machinery and our alertness. This safety can be divided into two parts. One, medical safety for today and for future and two, physical safety from miscreants. Only when I am befikar about safety I will be able to express my opinion freely or protest against malpractices.My social work will get steam with fulfillment of my safety concerns.

5. Have bindaas creativity displayed – Creativity is in my genes. I am sure most of the other bloggers are creative too. But there are other creative work as well. For example, photography, painting, music, dance, different art form. Today, I have so much inhibitions and time constraint as my creativity may not be valued high in the market. I am forced to do what I am doing today because I want to stay alive and have a decent life. But when I am befikar about life, I will indulge in complete creative work, be it cooking, painting or writing poems.


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