The world recreated

The Human Machine
The Human Machine. Man, woman with child and the junk created by them. Artist unknown

It was a heavenly dream. Heavenly indeed but the burden was heavy. But it was all chosen by the almighty. He came in my dreams and told me that I were so displeased with the present world then let me create my own world and be happy. He promised to help me in this endeavour and I was obliged.

Human being has become rather mechanical today. There is hardly anything human left in us. We have just become as mechanised as robots in our modern lives –

Under the influence of highly mechanised life we are losing the very essence of life and creating junk in the society. The nature and the environment has become polluted like never before and the natural resources are being plundered by a powerful few.

Sun is constantly delivering us energy for sustaining our life and run our highly powered industry. These natural resources including the energy from natural sources were used to our advantage and this was supposed to bring progress for mankind. But only a few of them today control these natural resources and went ahead of others. Those who have been left behind are ready to be caged again, under slavery of consumerism and capitalism.

The Mechanical World
The mechanical world

But the challenge of remaking the world is difficult to accept. When the creator had created us he didn’t intend to create a world full of hatred, crime and nepotism. But we ended up here. Probably this is the reason we need to keep building and rebuilding the world from time to time.

When I recreate the world my primary objective will be to free up the caged human being, to instil confidence in love, relationships and humanity. This will ensure that we live in a better world that is inclusive of all in its development.

First major change I want to do is in the education system. Today’s education has become a political agenda. Political leaders teach their own political ideology through our textbooks while the other parts of the world progresses rapidly. The technology is capable enough to bridge the gap but there is lack of political will. With advent of internet there should be no barrier left in education. A child from a remote Indian village should get the best education that other children in world’s leading education hubs get. Even the teachers and students need not be together at one place. Our classrooms can be as wide as the globe. In my world, the first thing I will achieve is no barrier to education so that no one can control our education which is the foundation of our civilisation.

In my world as I make education a free choice of the individual it will automatically take care of one’s ability to perform in creating resources. In my world it will not be based on job as we see today, but it will based on resource creation so that society as a whole benefits. So the education provided to the children should cater to the need to resource creation. This will be easily achieved as the education system will be as fluid as water. Its ever changing shape and ever enriching global value will enable individuals in being resourceful and worth contributing to the society.

No matter what we do in our life, we all will decompose in nature. So being with nature is of utmost importance no matter what we create. Thus my world will have natural sources of energy and abundant material to tap those natural sources. I read a blog that spoke about innovation like tree leaves having power to create solar energy. But they are already creating our food. If the tree leaves are changed and trees stop creating those awesome tasty fruits for us, we will not even be able to live on earth. I will probably give extra power to tree leaves once they are dried and dead. At least then these leaves will be useful even after their natural death. We will have our houses hatched with these leaves for generating energy. Rainwater harvesting will be a must in my world. Yes, probably I can not think of any alternative to water. So there is no way but to conserve water.

In my world there will be no place for the evil. But how do I eradicate evil? Criminal mind is everywhere and it is existent from immemorial past. Even Maa Durga had to kill Mahisasura and that is symbolic of win of good over evil. So I don’t perceive to create a world without the evil. So I will empower humans with a unique sixth sense that will ensure that they don’t fall prey to the evil easily. Women claim to have this sixth sense and I will just strengthen that sense in good humans. However, at the same time for the people with evil intentions this sense will be paralysed. So they will not get the help of this extra power and hence they will always lose.

I will thus create a world with empowered human beings. Here human beings will be able to save themselves from the evil. Where nature will be conserved automatically and where human beings will be freed up from the shackles of cruelty.

Taking inspiration from Rabindranath Tagore, I want to summarise my world as–

Where the mind is fearless and the head is held high!

Where the knowledge is free and where no barrier is so high

That it can divide the mankind in anyway!!

Where we are true to our words –

And as free as the flying birds!

Where our creativity knows no bounds

And our imagination gets wings to fly away!!

Where the human doesn’t become a machine,

And can retain the human gene,

With his creativity as the only giveaway!!

Where the nature is worshiped

And is valued rather than being whipped;

and the earth becomes our home and we do not need to run away!!

In my world imagination will fly high!

In my world no river will run dry!!

In my world the evil will ever die!

In my world the honest will never cry!!

Oh my Lord! I know you are the creator!

In no way I wanna be your competitor!!

Only if you give me a chance to recreate the world my way!

I will unshackle the life and let it never fade away!!



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