Better car with Quickr NXT

Exchanging our cars for a better one has become easier with Quickr Chat NXT. I will do this in three simple steps –

1. Login and select the Car section

Quickr has made it really simply for us. We just need login to their website and we are given easy menu options to choose from. The user friendly design of the menu makes it possible for us to choose our option from.

Quickr menu

Once we open the menu the options of cars are listed in an easily identifiable manner –

Cars and Bikes

For me, first important step is to do a good market survey and select the car that is best suitable for me. There are so many cars listed on Quickr I first need to do good research before I zero in on a particular brand or made.

This market survey will enable me to understand whether anything is available in the market of my choice and within my budget.

2. Post an ad to exchange car

In next step I will post an photo an ad of my car with exchange price that I have decided after market survey. My ad will be listed among other ads like this –

Post car ad on Quickr

There are two options for posting an ad. Either premium or non premium. I will post a non premium ad and will give it to my luck as I am also going to explore different others’ posts. Since Quickr has introduced new Chat facility and prospective buyers can send chat messages to us and we can reply in leisure I will depend on that facility for the buyers to get in touch with me.

3. Search for exchange car ads

After posting my ad and waiting for other buyers to get in touch with me, I will also search for others’ posts for exchange –

Car exchange on Quickr

Since this search option gives me specific car listings for exchange I will have focused results that can help me. Other than this Quickr also have option of recommended buyer specific cars based on our search criteria like brand, make and price.

Cars recommended on Quickr

So these options will give me good chance of selecting the rights car and contacting the prospective buyer / seller through different media. I will prefer chat as that will enable us to contact at our own convenience.

I somehow still prefer my laptop over mobile but it is also important for us to stay connected all the time. So I will download the Quickr mobile app on my smartphone so that I can chat to fix a deal.

I will first understand different details before I proceed. Chat facility enables us to keep the chat history and cross check each features with different sellers. Since all our chat history is saved by the website that gives us flexibility of operation. Otherwise maintaining details in such a manner is difficult in our fast life today.

I am hopeful that I will get the best deal from if I select my car this way.



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