Teaching self reliance – my mother’s way

I have come across a commercial of HDFC life.

This ad shows the contribution of positive role models in our lives. The role models who teach us how to live for future actually show us a way to win our daily battle of life. These role models may be from our personal life or from our social life.

When I saw this ad I remembered the positive role model from my family who taught me some basic lessons in life that has enabled me to live alone after so many years. She is no one else but my mom who taught me some basic lessons during my school days.

She believed that anyone needs to have some basic skills to live. So she taught me to cook rotis and some other Bengali staple food that will help me cook my own food when I live alone. I didn’t understand the importance of these skills but I was happy to help my mother at that tender age. My mother taught me to make other Bengali delicacies like Pithe.

Pithe is a Bengali delicacy that modern Bengali families can not cook in their homes and they are deprived of the taste for their life. Only some families that have their food from outside restaurants enjoy this delicacy nowadays. This dish needs some extensive preparation and for one days dinner a preparation of the entire day is needed. Because of this extensive preparation needs no modern family prepares these at home. I am one of those few fortunate people who can prepare this at home with the help of another person. I do not venture to prepare this alone because there is no fun in enjoying one’s food alone.

My cooking skills helped me in my personal life to a great extent.

When I was in Hyderabad far away from my home town Kolkata I have undergone divorce. Suddenly I became alone in my life. But I had the habit of cooking some food even after marriage as I used to believe in helping my wife in household chores. I did understand that women need help from their husbands in household chores. That also helped me to be in touch with my cooking skills learnt long back in childhood.

Since I was working in shifts it was easy for me to cook my meal during my stay at home and I was saved the pain of eating outside food and thus falling sick. This was really a great saving for my wallet too. My mother stopped worrying about me because she knew I was enabled to cook my food and eat a healthy diet.

At times when I used to think of eating some exclusive Bengali delicacies I have always resorted to internet and my mother. Even today I call up my mother when I want to cook anything special. She helps me over phone. I really don’t care where I land up in my life. I always have some skill to help me feed myself. Today, I am not afraid to travel to other countries as I know that even if I can’t eat their food, I will always be able to cook my own food and feed myself.

I really want to say, I love you mom for teaching me the basic cooking skills. It really helps. And I feel all boys should learn this in their childhood so that they stop depending on outside food at a later part in their lives.



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