Future India – Digital India (#DigitalIndia)

Welcome to 2025’s digital India. The boom in India’s IT sector in last decade and a very enthusiastic and innovative group of youth population led India to success. Thanks to this digital revolution in India today India has seen unprecedented growth in start ups and innovations in public life. Different e-governance initiatives in public private partnership that Narendra Modi govt has started in 2014 have yielded results.

Innovation in crime reporting

Maintaining crime records and crime reporting was a problem in India and if we remember even in earlier this decade increasing women related crimes was a concern for everyone while feminist groups continued claiming that those crimes were under reported while Men’s Rights groups claimed only false case reporting had been growing.

Considering this challenge a techie from Bangalore had developed a small mobile app in collaboration with city police that empowered anyone to report crime and register FIR through the APP. Citizens needed to download the app and whenever they felt of reporting a crime, they could report using the app. This had eliminated the risk of local police station not paying heed to any complaint or not registering a complaint with due care. Even though as a process the city police was made responsible to check the authenticity of each crime and was empowered to close frivolous cases. However, feminist groups could not demand that most of the crimes against women went unreported after the app came into place.

Later all other state and city police had adopted this practice and crime related information was easily created and maintained in cloud. Several activists today say that the advantage of the app was it allowed citizens to attach images of the crime scene and also videos of the eyewitnesses account. However, initially this app had increased the reporting of crimes to a great extent and police started finding many of those complaints as false. When govt. took strict action against those false complainants the false complaints also came down.

Innovation in judicial system

The online app that created a great online system of crime records eventually led to ease of maintaining online crime data. That had led to the judicial process being expedited and each case could be tracked easily through their life cycle easily. Courts started taking cognizance of cases easily and admitted the cases that were worth a court trial. But eventually with all documentation being made online the case related data could be accessed by the pertinent courts with ease and that had revolutionized the legal processes. The older days delays for getting certified copies or pains involving transfer of cases, transfer of documents etc all seized to exist.

Initially the Law Ministry had its reservations regarding keeping court data in cloud but with increasing number of cases, cases of files being lost, cases of inordinate delay in delivering justice Supreme Court of India had to force the Indian Govt. in bringing in cloud computing and big data analytics in legal system and innovate within the framework of Indian judiciary.

Today we see advocates and judges carrying their own Tabs to the Air Conditioned court rooms and accessing highly secured court information system through their personal VPN lines attributed to delivering justice very fast and complete and archive case documents without any threat of them being lost. In a recent study in 2019 a report by global consultancy giant Gartner Corporation reveals that Indian courts have become 1000 times faster now and cases are closed in six months rather than six years that they used to take earlier this decade.

Parliament Procedure    

Talking about the digital growth of India in last one decade our IT minister has given the example of budget speech of finance minister. He claimed that because of their ministry has taken positive steps towards digitization of government processes in early 2015 today ministerial speeches are delivered from tabs and other smart devices rather than ministers carrying huge files with physical budget speech.

In his speech from Geneva was delivered using sophisticated 3i technology that could a virtual replica of the minister inside the parliament house while he was giving his speech. This technology captures his image from all angles at his place and then projects him at a desired location to make him appear at the second location as well. This technology is widely used in live telecast of different global events in 3D format. Recent 3D replication of 2019 Cricket world cup matches in different Indian cities live from respective grounds in England was a large scale commercially viable version of this technology that we had experienced. Very soon India is going to have all virtual parliament where all members of parliament will be representing the parliament using this virtual 3D technology platform.

Indian railways

If we remember Indian railways around five – six years back and remember the pain of IRCTC ticket booking we will know what the online ticket booking app had done to average

e-kranti logo
The logo I have designed for Nationa e-governance program e-kranti

. Today no one need to visit a railway reservation counter or login to their website to book a ticket. The ticket kiosks set up at various location in each city made it easy for citizens to have 24X7 access to ticket booking even without owning a laptop or a tab. In last four years India has observed the demise of desktop computers and laptops in phased manner so the citizens booking ticket from their website reduced drastically and everyone started using the app and kiosks for booking their tickets.

That has created new revenue margin for railways as they could run their business with less overhead and increased their topline. Now passengers need to swipe their barcoded tickets after boarding the train and can effectively track and monitor their luggage. Railway is also benefitted from this practice as they could charge passengers for carrying extra luggage.  Also the entire process of reservation and free seat allotment has become much faster and streamlined to create efficiency for the company. Out of all other govt. departments e-governance had surely reaped benefits for this ministry.

e-governance in education

Indian govt. is weighing a decision of coming out of the education sector completely and creating education infrastructure on cloud instead of maintaining physical infrastructure. Since the education model has become more fluid today with students choosing a wide range of careers and flexible hours of study govt finding it difficult to motivate young kids to attend schools regularly. Also many parents find traditional education system not value adding as all schools suffered from shortage of teachers or lack infrastructure to support poor non fee based model of education. Thus an app based education where students had a wide variety of subjects and topics to choose from and where experts could be made available 24X7 from different geographies came out to be a viable and profitable alternative to all parties involved.

Govt. is more focussing on setting standards for different private players in education and training industry. But in parallel there are many global standard certifications that emerged and that had created enormous challenge for online education service providers to keep their services at a certain grade and continuously upgrade their content. A traditional model of education was not sufficient to capture this ever changing need of education and hence govt. had to come out of the traditional model by force.

Today’s online mode of education gave the government the much needed flexibility to manage the education sector and spread of education. In recent one year plan our government has already introduced smart learning centres in interior places to equip the poor children with the infrastructure needed for smart and fluid learning.

Traditional e-governnance with new age technology

The traditional form of e-governance that started with implementing e-seva in Andhra Pradesh had to be scrapped for various operational reasons. With advent of e-seva mobile app that could provide much needed support to citizens made things easier for everyone to implement single window system for any request. Since these logins were secured all payments to government entities, all transactions and enquiries to any govt. department could be integrated seamlessly and both parties were benefitted.

Today, we can give any such request through our app with minimum details provided and since the app database maintains our records at the backend it is easy for us to apply for any data from any govt. department and get the information in our app boxes.

Various state governments are already thinking of creating virtual departments on clouds where engineers sitting in their data centre labs will manage all transactions. This has securely eliminated a lot of overhead in terms of manpower requirements in these departments and such jobs have become obsolete now. In addition to this, since the payments are handled through mobile apps now, a lot of positions that required handling of physical cash are also eliminated. This had also eliminated the need to printing physical notes and many public sector banks have already closed their branches in cities. SBI is currently only have branches in rural areas and have plans to close them in phased manner over next three to five years. This new situation had led to changes in many rules pertaining to financial regulations, AML norms and so forth.

Public distribution system

Ever since the logistics theory of pull system of replenishment has become popular government processes of public distribution have also changed. Now the app called e-plenish integrates the data generated from our household equipments and market replenishment agencies replenish the items as required by individuals. Govt. had great advantage with this new process of replenishment as it could maintain cold storages at strategic locations and monitor public distribution through their online mechanism.

However in rural India where the smart devices has not yet reached our govt. had integrated the farmers and through their mobile app farmers are informed about the produce they need to work on and the market they can sell their stuff. The local market concept is still ongoing in many of Indian rural areas and since demand and supply is matched intelligently with superior data analytics that run at the back end of such mobile apps. This ensures that the prices of the commodities are also kept at optimum level.

This information based on futuristic data analysis helped our govt. pull the strings of farmer suicide as well. Farmers being constantly educated on their produce help create a win – win situation for all concerned. E-governance is thus bringing a true revolution in many aspects of Indian lives.

No wonder that the mission that Mr. Narendra Modi has started in 2015 has yielded dividend in last one decade. Even though many techies from Indian Silicon Valley say that it could have been done in five years time, we understand that govt. needed to have people friendly policies as well. Many critics find a good reason for govt. agencies dilly-dallying implementation of technology was due to saving govt jobs and it was purely political. This is the reason many political analysts do not find any issue in this inordinate delay of complete implementation of national e-governance policies. Many say that training govt. employees and ministers in latest technology was also a challenge as those were not willing to change the way they worked historically. In the end Indians had to adopt new technology as without it the govt. had become very inefficient and was losing FDI to a great extent. We hope that India surges ahead of all nations in the days to come with its trained resources and efficient e-governance processes.

Intel contributed towards creating this #DigitalIndia. Their state of the art innovations took the country ahead in times and created a bright a digital future by supporting govt.’s e-governance initiatives.



The breakfast that I desire

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XzB1mruGC78]

Guptaji has invited me for nashta in his house. Well he is an early riser and a marathon runner. He actually invited me morning jogging too but lazy me could not make it that early. So he had nothing else but to invite me for breakfast.

Normally I am not that keen on bothering others in the morning time, especially those with family. But when all our neighbours started asking him for nashta, I thought why not try it out once in his house.

Guptaji claims that his family knows 100s of awesome mouth-watering nashtas and I always felt that is little too much bragging. Well, not so much when you have an aide like Kellogg’s cornflakes.

Recipes with cornflakes?

Well, I didn’t believe either until he game something on the first day that he told me was “chup karane wala nashta”.

Nashta with a purpose. To keep our mouth shut. I thought of trying it out there.

He brought a bowl full of cornflakes with some top up with nuts and honey and that was served with cold milk. I looked at the bowl and felt cornflakes served with cold milk couldn’t taste good. Well, I was proved wrong with first bite into the bowl. It retained the crispy nuts and flakes with sweetening effects from honey. Cold milk was giving a feeling of melted ice cream. Every bite into the recipe only made me wonder how did he know that.

Well, I had to keep my mouth shut and come out on the first day only telling him that it was good. Well, not to mention that I was curious and jealous from within.

So I was wondering what was up next. Every other day I used to pass their house wondering what they had prepared that day in nashta. He was not inviting me and I was wondering why. It was little frustrating for me so one day I started going to jogging in the nearby park.

We met there and he was surprised to see me there. Naturally he had no option but to ask me the reason a lazy fellow like me started jogging. That was the opportunity for me. I didn’t want to lose that opportunity and started praising his healthy body and sharp mind. I told him that I wanted a fit body like him. He almost fell in my trap. He started talking about his healthy eating habits and that led to a conversation about his nashta.

Well, not to mention that almost immediately I got invited to his house for breakfast. That day he promised to surprise me by his best tiffin recipe.

Cornflake laddoosThat day he served laddoos but those laddoos were different. They were crispy, crunchy and definitely delicious. Made from pure ghee they left me wondering how he could made laddoos out of cornflakes.

I couldn’t stop thinking about his amazing recipes and asked him the secret. He revealed that the recipes were from Kellogg cornflakes’ cookbook.

He told there were 100s of such recipes on Kellogg’s list and I just can’t stop myself from tasting each of those. Where else I can go other than his house?

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The small things that make me happy

Simple living is a virtue. Not everyone can have this virtue in life but everyone loves to boast about it. I am the one who loves to be simple in nature and be happy with my simple lifestyle. There are simple and small things that still make me happy and at times I do feel awkward to express happiness when I become happy over small things.

Some of the simple things that make me happy are –

  1. Fried Neem-Brinjal combination with rice – Well, many of my friends would hate me for telling this and keeping it as the first point. But a deep fried tender Neem leaves with brinjal makes me so happy that I do not need anything else in my lunch if get them. When I was in Engineering college hostel it used to be prepared in our lunch and most of my friends used to hate this dish. I used to collect this from everyone and eat the whole of that. Those days used to be the happiest for me.

In this context I would like to narrate an incident. I was living in Chennai then. I used to buy my grocery from a local grocery store. They used to supply vegetables to me too. Since they hardly understood Hindi, I used to communicate with them in English. With great difficulty I told them that I needed tender Neem leaves and they were surprised to the core. There was a Neem tree nearby and they told me to get the leaves free of cost from there. Then with great difficulty I told them the importance of the leaves being tender in order to eat them. Well the way they looked at me as if I were an animal who likes these thrown away substances that no one touches was very memorable for me.

  1. Writing something new – The happiness I get by writing something new can not be expressed in words. I would be happy if I don’t have the need to work and can have a good life only by writing new articles. Given a chance I will keep blogging the whole day if I get good and interesting topics.
  2. A good afternoon nap – Call me a lazy bum but I will still say that I love daydreaming. Well daydreaming is only possible when you sleep in the morning and I would like to do that every afternoon. Better and filling lunch make me more drowsy. After all no one has given me a oath that I needed to work the whole day.
  3. Calling my mom – I live in Bangalore for working purpose but my mom lives in Kolkata. Every day I call her once or twice on mobile and speak with her. This 5/10 min chat about her life and about my life gives me much needed strength to continue with life. I tend to think that there is someone who thinks about me and cares for me. Well it is time for me to call her…so see you later..

Digital India – digitally ahead

e-kranti logo
The logo I have designed for National e-governance program e-kranti

Digital India a way to a better future –

  1. Digital India – enabling commodities exchange (e-mandi)
Image – pixabay

Now thanks to digital revolution Indian farmers can create account in commodities exchange and sell their products directly in the exchange. They get better price and can directly operate without the risk of being cheated by bigger players and aggregators. Even though e-choupal is a similar platform created for this but their farmers do not get full freedom of operation. If they can directly take part in commodities exchanges and get exposure to global market they will be in a better position to negotiate and obtain better profits. These farmers can also play in the futures and options market with their product and choose what product to go for cultivation based on market trends. A digital revolution in rural India can really show a new way of profit to modern day Indian farmers.

  1. Digital India – revolutionizing education
Digital education
Digital education (pixabay)

It is a well known and well debated topic that our education system has become archaic and obsolete. Many modern entrepreneurs have started innovative ways of teaching our children. The education that is more practical oriented and the system that is more adaptable to changes and is constantly updated is the need of the day. But these individual efforts are limited very much to pockets and to limited audience. The need of the hour in this decentralization process is also to centralize the best practices from across the globe.

In this process the university / board based education system has its own shortfalls. Here the students need to study whatever the board or university teaches them or set criteria for them to learn. For example if one needs a combination of subjects like history and statistics one may not get that in most universities. Also as the subjects are continuously evolving it may not be possible for any single university to manage upgrading their study material frequently.

An open university system where the student choose the way they want to learn the subjects and from where they want to learn and at what pace enables the students to learn with freedom. In the age of internet the classroom can be in our home and the lessons can be learnt more efficiently. We have already seen many examples of geniuses who are not even 10th standard pass in the conventional education system but they hold many patents against their names. These examples only show us that our children should not be confined in the limits of our individual boards and universities that can dictate what one needs to learn.

  1. Digital India – Bringing lessons from life
Digital lessons from life
Life lessons (image – pixabay)

Thanks to digital India now the lessons from life is at our desktops. Lessons of history and geography do not need to be confined in the pages of our books and left to the interpretation of the authors. In digitally revolutionized India students of any age can learn lessons from life directly from the historical places and historians and researchers directly. In fact research projects and documentaries shown on History channel or similar other knowledge channels makes our study books redundant. This new form of knowledge and interactions takes our interests to a different level. YouTube and social media gives us ample opportunity of gather knowledge and also innovate based on knowledge. These new channels bring lessons from our lives to our bedrooms and also make the fixed school or college timing redundant.

In digitally transformed India thus farmers and daily wage labourers too get an opportunity to learn. The knowledge is not limited to classrooms and the curriculum set by the universities and boards. A farmer may be illiterate but still he can gain knowledge pertaining to his produce from these alternate modes of knowledge transfer.

  1. Digital India – Making single window system work
The single window - digital windows work better
The single window – digital windows work better

Thanks to the digital form of revolution it is possible that single window system can really work in India. Andhra Pradesh as a state has already shown that and there is no new information that is required there. This digitization can be extended to the entire India and all states and UTs can adopt that model of streamlining the govt. processes. Since the various govt. dept.s. are integrated online it is possible to run this system efficiently.

Lower bandwidth and spreading the infrastructure to rural areas is a big challenge for govt. today. But with the proposed plan of fiber optics networking in place if the network issues are resolved India will very soon experience a new future.

  1. Digital India – Bringing efficiency in logistics
Efficient logistics (image pixabay)
Efficient logistics (image pixabay)

Even though India is among top 5 in many foodgrains production but still around 33% of its population live under poverty line and about a fourth of its population goes hungry (consumes lesser than 1800 calories every day). This is when Indian attained self sufficiency in terms of food grain production. But all this produce is either exported or rotten / wasted in the distribution channels. A 2011 UN and FAO study shows that wastage of fruits and vegetables in India is as high as 45%. Many a times we have come across situations where farmers have invested more money to grow a certain vegetable but overproduction of that vegetable forced them to incur huge loss.

A digital revolution and an e-mandi system (discussed earlier) can help farmers get the right information in time so that they can trade their produce in open market. But other than that also needed an efficient logistics system that can help the vegetables reach the end consumer without any wastage.

This challenge can be efficiently managed by creating bigger farmer co-operatives that uses technology and various modern logistical techniques to create efficiency for everyone in the system. This network if set up in all states can be effectively utilized for everyone’s benefit. The produce can be tracked easily using GPRS system and demand supply information can be obtained before hand with the help of online tools.

Even though e-mandi system and participation by ordinary farmers in futures and options trading through e-revolution can help percolate the much needed demand supply information to poor farmers, this system of e-logistics management will help them efficiently manage and upkeep the solution. This will act as the backbone of supply network without which we will not be able to achieve food security in true sense.

  1. Digital India – Intelligent railways – Ticketing
Ticket vending machine is similar to ATMs
Ticket vending machine is similar to ATMs

There is a simple way we can bring efficiency in Indian railways using technology. The railway need to have a prepaid card recognized by its system and set up ticket vending machines throughout all parts of the city. These will act as any bank ATM but vending all forms of railway tickets. The  user just selects the route and buys the ticket from these kiosks and pays through railway cards. These cards can be loaded through online or 24X7 call centers.

This facility will help railways create a hassle free network for its commuters and also reduce its overheads in terms of manpower and other recurring costs. Since this system will be managed by technology usage this will also eliminate the need of standing in long queues. The current system of online ticketing has its own challenges and people complain very often of non availability of tickets. Also not everyone can access online portals to buy tickets in time. These kiosks will help railways to make their processes more efficient.

  1. Digital India – Intelligent Railways – Luggage tracking

As mentioned in the previous point that Railways can be made more efficient by giving freedom to railway commuters of buying tickets from anywhere they want.

Track luggage - digitally
Track luggage – digitally

Now luggage tracking also can be easy for long distant trains. The tickets need to carry a bar code and each passenger need to weigh their luggage before boarding their train. That creates a data about their number of bags and total weight carried by each passenger. In case of extra weight carried the passenger pays extra money through his card by simply swipe system in the train. This can be totally free from any manual control and this weighing of their luggage and swiping in the train records their presence there. If this process is not followed then the passenger is marked absent. And the seat is shown free for allocation for next wait-listed passenger.

  1. Digital India – Intelligent Railways – Seat allocation and NO show management
No show management of future
No show management of future

The trains will be fitted with centralised railway information system pertaining to that train and each coach will have digital display of allocated seats instead of printed list of passengers. The passengers are required to swipe their tickets in the system within first hour of train departure anywhere in the train to inform the system about their presence.

The railway tracking system installed inside each coach (where the passenger swipes his ticket) gives him an option to confirm availability of all passengers travelling in that ticket. This automatically updates the railway database and the TTE can check all the information in his handheld smart device. This way the wait-list information is automatically updated and all passengers can view the list from trains digital display walls.

If a particular berth is found to be free even after the designated time the berth is automatically allocated next wait-listed passenger. This way corruption by TTEs to allocate seats based on money will reduce.

  1. Digital India – Efficiency in shopping grocery items
Grocery delivery - more efficient
Grocery delivery – more efficient

Already we see that in cities grocery is delivered at our doorstep. This delivery is only a phone call away. They do face scalability issue today. But the future of digital India lies in efficient distribution system and key to success is delivering farm fresh products in shortest possible time.

In digital India, people will order their vegetables through mobile apps and the mobile vegetable vans will deliver vegetables at their doorstep. The app will have capability to show where the nearest vegetable cart is.

Also the operators of this system can easily aggregate their orders, keep them in queue, replenish each mobile cart with required vegetables in time so that these carts can deliver the required goods in time. Once the order is placed through the app, the nearest cart packs the order according to order sizes and the same company carts collaborate to deliver the complete order in time.

For example, Mr Basu places an order using the app. At the time of giving the order cart A is near his house and thus the order will be placed with cart A. If Cart A do not have the complete order to replenish he will either confirm the level to which he can fulfil and the rest goes to a next available cart. Mr Basu gets the information instantly as the stock level of each cart is managed by the software and the stock level gets updated as that is being used up. In this way a network of mobile vans can replenish the orders more efficiently to the satisfaction of all concerned.

  1. Digital India – empowering people to start their own ventures
More entrepreneurs
More entrepreneurs

Digital India can empower all Indians to merchandise their products to millions of their customers. It can provide a platform through which such buyers and sellers meet and create business. Since people gets direct access to their own marketplace they will be more motivated to continue with their venture and make profits.

Since this will be based on a pull system rather than a push system that creates unnecessary inventory in the system the manufacturers run from less chance of producing waste.

  1. Digital India – Revolutionising judicial system
Digital India - revolutionizing our judicial system
Digital India – revolutionizing our judicial system

The important need for Indian people is digitization of crime data and legal system. Work towards digitization of judicial system is already in progress but digitization of our legal system is still a distant dream. I have proposed a solution around the same in 2009 but that is still under consideration of our Law Ministry.

The detailed recommendation already made with the ministry outlined the ways of achieving digitization in our courtrooms and digitization of all documents records with authentication. There is possibility of creating digital database of all evidences including objects and tools used as evidences. Anything other than documentary evidence can be recorded with proper images and specification details in digital format whereas the original object evidence is kept as object. In this way we can minimize to a great extent the need of court repository and only such object evidences are kept in original form.

Also if any documentary evidence need to be verified those can be recalled from the parties for verification. In any case before putting  any such document as evidence those need to be authenticated by the court and transformed into digital format and saved.

Also digitization of court procedure will enable recalling any documentary evidence or any order without any procedural delay.

In modern digitized courtrooms are wi-fi connected and the judges and advocates use tablets instead of think files containing court papers. A secured connection with proper access control gives the concerned people access to required documentation. People submit verified e-documents instead of Xerox copies of documents.

This way we can eliminate the danger of losing court papers which is a frequent happening in all our courts across India. That will save a lot of court days and justice delivery will be faster.

  1. Digital India – Consolidation of all payments (e wallet)

Like the way I have proposed a pre-loaded card for booking railway tickets, there needs to be a pre-loaded card accepted by all merchandises for monetary transactions. This can be refilled from any bank account using call center help and at the same time it needs to protected from any kind of fraud. This may also be used as another identity card for citizens.

This e-wallet needs to be accepted in all buses and small shops where the amount gets deducted from the cards balance. Since this only need database of this card the consolidation will be easier. This e-wallet will eliminate the need of transacting in cash if the per transaction cost is maintained at a lower level.

That can be made feasible by consolidating payments for various entities. For instant, if it is found that the card needs a minimum transaction amount of Rs. 200 and if a person wants to board a bus and pay using this card, then he can get a season ticket valid for 20 rides instead of getting one ticket worth Rs. 10. This kind of consolidation in different entities will enable the system to handle less cash and will make all transactions very efficient.

13. Digital India – Big Data for making BIG difference

Chasing big data (Image linked to source)
Chasing big data (Image linked to source)

Big data is the big differentiator today. Cloud computing, virtual data centers and public and private clouds for managing data is a big challenge for any global corporate. The data generated in social platforms by increasingly growing netizens of India is invaluable in terms of data mining possibilities. If the junk is removed from this data then big data can make a lot of difference in terms of understanding people’s behaviour and social norms and many more behavioural norms. This can create a big impact in creating better governance model.

We have already seen how the government authorities like police or law implementing agencies are using social platforms to connect with the citizens and collaborate with them to ensure safety of citizens. The same citizens are generating terabytes of data on social media and the data can be effectively mined to get more efficiency in various social reforms areas. This kind of big data analysis can create huge difference at the government level.

For instance, our government can analyze social behaviour of people of certain demographics to understand the social programs required by the set of people. Government can look into the information by generated from big data analytics from social sectors.

We can also look into the possibility of looking into standalone objects as data source. For example, a standalone lamppost in our streets can generate information about the pollution level of that area or can give information about traffic or crime committed.

If such stand alone objects, buildings, overhead telephone cables are used as source of data that data can be effectively used by general public by the help of data mining engines. For example, imagine an app on your mobile that tells you the roads that are clogged on your way to office and suggest alternate route to office. This app can use the data generated by the lamp posts, cars stuck in traffic or even from tweets of the people stuck to understand the traffic level and time required to reach one’s destination. This kind of analytics will also help the government in effective management of traffic. For example, the traffic guard comes to know about a vehicle being broken down in any particular road and starts action much before a traffic jam starts.

Imagine big data analytics being used in our railways where two trains talk to each other by analyzing the data generated by the other. In that way each will come to know if there is another train on the same track or imagine railway track being intelligent enough to transmit data of a crack developed in its way so that all trains on that route can be stopped. Railways will be able to avoid all major accidents.

14. Digital India – can we have digital Cricket, Football or Hockey

Let’s imagine more and see how digital India can revolutionize our games. What if the cricket bat and ball could talk to each other and behave according to the behaviour of the other or what if the hockey stick could generate the right force at the right angle to the hit the ball to goal?

If the above was possible probably our government would have controlled betting effectively.

The imagination can be stretched far beyond. What if the big data analytics is done to analyze the mood of every people and play music in their ears that can be caught through a specially designed headphones so that people of India is always in good mood and highly productive. That will be a positive step to curb crime or violence, too.

When it comes to government and good governance digital India has huge potential. If we keep thinking we will keep getting such potential abound all across. We only need to tap them in time and create opportunities for everyone.

Intel with its state-of-the-art innovations is creating #DigitalIndia. I am sure we will soon see these dreams becoming a reality in India.


All image courtesy except the logo is pixabay

Seven ways to safety using my new moto e

moto e logo

Here are a few ways I #ChooseToStart with my new moto e

moto e - be safe from stalkers
Stay safe – don’t confined your self to selfies alone. See who is peeking on you

1. Be safe from stalkers – if I think someone is stalking me, I will use my moto e screen as mirror to see him/her and if I will take his/her snap and share with friends in three simple touches. I will be safe and alert on roads.

2. My Job Safety – Workplace safety is to keep my job intact without getting unnecessary calls during my meetings with CXOs while I close important deals or make important presentations. Moto assist meeting feature keeps the callers from ruining my opportunities and thus helps me keep my job.

moto e sleek and trendy
Being sleek and trendy with moto e

3. Sleek and trendy – saves my reputation – Now moto e comes with colourful rubber grips that makes the phone look trendy and gives it a good grip while using. This trendy vibrant look creates positive impression about me and saves my reputation everywhere of being outdated and old.

moto e - voice recognition
Sending email while driving

4. Multitasking – saves my job and relations – my new moto e allows me open my emails and draft them simply on my voice instruction. So now I can manage my relations and work both while driving or while doing some other job. Great work-life balance gives me safety of my work and personal relations.

moto e sneak peek at notifications
My sneak peek at notifications

5. Safe from humiliation – Now I can take a sneak peek at my notifications without even unlocking my phone. That saves my time and I can disregard any unimportant notifications or take top priority notifications while I am in meeting, or driving or eating food. Saves me from a lot of humiliations around. So I respond when needed.

moto e - navigation
Open navigation map by voice command

6. Safe way back home – Now launching Google map on my moto e is super easy. My new moto e takes voice command and I can easily open Google map for my navigation map to my way back home no matter where I am.

motoassist - sleep mode
motoassist – mode

7. Safe and sound sleeping – I want to have good dreams and solid good night sleep without bothering about late night disturbance from my fan following, while my mobile keeps all messages in store for me to check later the fixed time slot for my sleep keeps my mobile awake and me asleep. Making my heart rejuvenate with a good night sleep and stay safe in life.

This is how I #ChooseToStart with my new moto e. What’s your plan?


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How I want to start with new Moto E

New Moto E is a smartphone that is loaded with many features from the high end Moto devices. Launching some its awesome apps are also super easy besides it being a super user friendly mobile. If I ever get this phone I would like to gift the same to my parents who are currently using a normal low cost variety local made mobile phone.

When it comes to smart phones I am not a new user. I am using smartphone for more than five years now. Even though I don’t use all features of a smartphone but I find them really useful. My parents on the other hand find it difficult to use phones. They find it difficult even to click photos and save them and retrieve them in time without others help. Gifting a phone like Moto E to them will open a new world to them.

If I have to gift this phone to my parents who are technologically challenged I need to give them basic training with the device as well. These are the features that my parents would love to use –

  1. Switching from rare camera to front camera by nudging the phone – This feature will help them take selfies and send them to distant relatives especially to their grandchildren. When they are visiting any family ceremony they can take easy snaps and share them with relatives at distant places. Moto E gives the opportunity to share clicked photos in three simple touch that enables any first time smart phone user to use the phone with ease.
  2. Easy navigation and safe driving – I found the easy navigation feature useful for my parents as well. Now they can drive to any destination and will not have to type the destination name in Google maps and spend a lot of time typing correctly. Inspite of that they can simply say “navigate to this place”….and the job will be done. Google map will open and the way will be shown. A great feature for any first time smart phone user, especially for those who are technically challenged.
  3. Ease of sending emails – staying away from home and staying separate from children can bring additional challenges to any elderly person. Email is a very cost effective way of communication for these people like my parents. But if they have to login and type out a mail they can’t do that. One reason is the time they would take to type will be so high that they would find it better call that person. Instead of typing it out, Moto E gives the users an option to speak out the email they want to send and the email is sent automatically by the phone. This is an awesome feature that will definitely help a first time user like any of my parents.
  4. Viewing notifications without unlocking the phone – My parents will love this feature. Many a times they are so busy that they can’t get engaged with their phone. This option will give them opportunity to check only important messages in detail. They can ignore any message that is not important. The time spent on checking each message is reduced this way will help them.
  5. Click anywhere to take snap – Normally in camera phones we have a specific button to click for taking snaps. Moto E comes with a feature that enables users to click anywhere to take a snap. This makes taking selfies and other pics super easy for anyone. They don’t need to concentrate on the camera button while taking snaps.

These are only a few features that will help my parents to use a smartphone. But with this I need to get started as well. Because the reason of giving this phone to my parents will be to enable them use it to their advantage and to our advantage as well. I will load this phone with apps for citizens safety so that they can notify us in simply one touch options. I will teach them how to use some mobile banking options so that they don’t need to go to banks every time they wanted to do a transaction. In today’s world technology is bringing so many features to us.

Effective use of these technologies will not only enable the technologically challenged people, but also can keep a lot of pains away from tech savvy younger generation like us. We can at least be assured that my parents are safe at a distant location as they are using a smartphone that can alert me when they are in need. A lot of my pain thus goes away and my life becomes tension free.

This gift of a smart phone will not only be a start for them, but a start for me as well.

To know more about the phone please login to their website.

Here is a video that talks more about the product –

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4YJJu46Gnc8]


My Singapore Love – Chilli Crab

Singapore Chilli Crab
Source – Dish Maps

Being an Indian and being a Bengali I have an inclination towards chilli fish, chilli chicken and chilli prawn. I never tried to understand how these two dishes were made or originated. I just happily grabbed them wherever I could. Being in Singapore was special for me and I am not sure because of my inclination towards chilli chicken I got attracted to chilli crab too.

Crab was not new in my ordinary Bengali life. My father used to bring crab in our home and my mom used to cook them in Bengali way. We used to call that Crab JhaalJhaal in Bengali means spicey. Any new sea food including new variety of fish is cooked as jhaal.

So when I first came across this variety of crab preparation I was interested to try it out. That was once and that got repeated. Thanks to my taste buds liking the tangy sauces used in this dish was so soothing to my taste buds. The sweet and savoury nature of the dish, the base of chilli and tomato sauce created a yummy taste to my taste buds. It was known to me and similar to any other variety of Indian chilli dish I knew. The fluffy nature of the dish was probably because of added egg and flour.

Singapore Meme

Once one Singaporean friend suggested to have this with a toasted bread called Mantou. That was again a different yummy experience. Where I used to live, there was a restaurant named Signboard and they had it best.

I had only one problem. Once I found this close to my Indian taste buds I could not taste other yummy varieties of Singapore. But this one was too good for me so I somehow liked it.

Thanks Singapore for having something for everyone. I am sure other travelers too will find the food suitable to their taste buds.

Many more such recipes can be found in here

Meme 2


Split Remedy..for your relationship

I was dating Neha for last five years. I liked her personality and honesty. Nowadays getting an honest girl is such a big problem. But what I didn’t like about her was her hair.

It is very difficult to reason out with a girl about what she should wear or sport. She normally have a good dressing sense but her trimmed hair always gave a me feeling that I was dating a boy. Oops..I always felt I was a gay. My friends also used to bug me with her boyish attitude.

Since last four years my parents were pressurising me to get married. I didn’t want to submit myself to a stranger. Known devil was always better for me. But I used to get intimated by her appearance. I could never muster enough courage to strongly criticize her for her boy cut hair. I mean she was cute but looked like an underage boy to everyone.

I have always hated boys imitating girls and girls imitating boys. Both genders have a reason to exist and coexist. I believe that we can’t take up each other’s role, so it is better that we be satisfied with our role and compliment the role of our partner. But looking at Neha I always felt she was my competitor as she wore boys’ clothes, used to drink with boys, play cricket and looked like a boy. My parents had a mild heart attack thinking of her as their bahu.

I asked her several times about her trimming her hair short, and always she used to tell me split ends. Oops..we boys are really happy with small hair. We don’t have so much problems. No maintenance yet good shiny hair. But for girls it is not like that. They need to maintain their hair all the time. I can feel for them but the last thing I wanted was to be termed as a gay by onlookers.

One day we had it all, I gave her ultimatum. Either you grow hair or part your way. I want a wife, a woman in my life and not another boy.

She wept and promised me that she will come back after six months. I promised her that I will not date anyone else in these six months and will wait for her. But if she does not come back I am going to hook up with someone else, may be my mother’s choice.

No, she didn’t make me wait for six months. She came back in just three months. I was amazed to see her beautiful shiny and smooth hair. She was looking so lovely that I fell in love again. She not only looked gorgeous but she looked as if she was an angel from heaven specially sent for me by god.

I asked her the secret of her heavenly change in appearance, as I glued to her eyes. Suddenly those eyes looked even more bright, more shiny, more inviting. Her face was glowing with confidence and the mild fragrance emanating from her hair invited me to get closer. I lost myself in her hair and started taking the complete fragrance  from her head.

–          What are you doing? Leave me, others are watching.

She whispered in my ears as I tried to cling onto her. I didn’t want to let her go that day. She was all mine, made for me.

–          Honey tell me the secret.

I asked her when I came back to reality.

–          Why what will you do knowing?

–          Please tell me..I am dying to know the secret.

–          No not needed..

She refused me like I was rejected by her. As if I have lost her for ever. That feeling of losing her created a great sense of urgency in me. I hugged her tight and planted a long lasting smooch in front of everyone as if that had no end. She tried hard to untangle herself from my arms, but couldn’t. After sometime she succeeded when she promised that she would tell me the secret.

She told and that was a fantastic reality for me. She has started using a new brand of split remedy shampoo and conditioner four months ago and that yielded amazing results.

I looked at the wavy, curly, smooth and fragrant stream of hair that rolled down to her shoulder. I was very happy that finally a hair care brand has invented something that could not only prevent split ends of her hair, but that also brought a useful and economic remedy to our relationship split as well.

That day is still very special to me. It gave me much needed strength and optimism to go on with my life. I thank the brand that saved my love for me. This made the day very special to me. It is still most memorable day in my life. I am happy to share this with https://housing.com/.


My life changer

It was beginning of the year 2001. I have just completed three years in my first company which was in my core sector. Being an engineer I always wanted to excel in engineering but that decision had not paid me off. My friends had earlier decided to join IT industry and many of them were settled abroad by that time. They were driving SUVs and were living in apartment in San Jose; a perfect life for any techie and enviable one indeed.

I wanted to stay in core engineering sector but that was not paying enough. Also the knowledge that I gained in my four years of engineering was not used in my company at all. The main reason I wanted to stay in core sector was to use my knowledge and improve upon it. I understood the importance of core sector and wanted to excel in that as I thought in that way I would not let my four years of education go waste.

However, when my friends started getting netter offers and changing their jobs every now and then and leading a life that anyone would dream I became frustrated with my career options available in core sector. I couldn’t see any long term prospect for me in future and hence decided to join IT sector.

Joining IT sector was not easy. I didn’t have any training in IT and I needed good training so that anyone would agree to give me that break. So I joined a software training institute in Kolkata and started learning some trending software programming languages so that I could change over to a new industry.

As soon as the training was over I got a job in IT sector in Bangalore. Initially there were some failures but ultimately I could break through a company and got appointment. I was the first lateral placement from the training institute and I was very happy about it. I could see my career flourishing afterwards.

That was the first time I decided to change my city to Bangalore. That was the first time in my 26 years of life I thought of changing over to a new city for my luck and for my career. Everyone supported me as Bangalore was supposed to be a very progressive city.

Coming out of the home city and going away from all relatives and live in a completely different city was very tough decision for me. It was very bold decision as well as before me no one else had come out of Kolkata to make a living. I thought of that as a good decision as I could realize that being comfortable living in different cities was the need of the hour as professional life was expanding to all different horizons. I am glad that I took that bold decision in 2001, that is why I could make my life see different colours that probably I wouldn’t have experienced if I had lived in Kolkata for ever.

My Platinum Day of Love

It was just another day for me!

My lonely life was getting all boring day by day. Ever since my bitter divorce I have been living alone. No tension at least of getting any false dowry or rape case from anyone.

I got up little late that day, got ready for office and hurried up to the office. Had some important meeting with my boss. Ever since she had come to Bangalore I could not meet her. It was the first day of our meeting and I didn’t want to be late.

I was asked to wait as she was busy with some other call. I logged in and started checking my mails in the meanwhile. There was a mail from our HR reminding me that it was my birthday. Nowadays, only these official mails and social networking reminders tell me about all the important days in my life. I have a very bad memory of remembering birthdays, even of my own. It was no more a special day for me.

The day was long and hectic for me. My manager congratulated me in our meeting and asked if I had any special plans for my birthday. Ever since I have decided to live alone, I did not make sweet memories for me because of the fear that those memories would haunt me in future. My first marriage had given me enough pain to even consider sharing my bed with anyone else in future. That is why I never proposed Shweta, my 14 years steady friend. Our friends used to talk about our relation but I did not want another messy relationship in the name of marriage. She had also not said anything.

It was a long day for me. I came back home around 12pm that night. At least two hours late than my usual time. No one except my HR and my manager wished me that day. It was not heartbreaking at all, as my birthday was never a special day for me. Ranjit, who I trusted most among my friends and who also used to stay in my flat whenever he had a fight with his wife, also forgot my birthday. Shweta was not in town, she went to Singapore nine months ago. No wonder why she didn’t wish me either. But I don’t blame anyone, I myself do not remember my birthdays.

I was exhausted, had my dinner outside so that I could directly go to bed. Next day I had another important client meeting. I was thinking of next day’s agenda while opening the door. I opened the door and there was surprise all around. Someone had changed the decor of the flat with a magic wand. I could not believe in my eyes.

The entire floor of living room was decorated with floral petals. A distinct path of rose petals was made from the door, through the living room to my bed room. As if someone has laid a red carpet for me. Decorative Diyas and scented candles showed me the way through the floral carpet and took me to the bed room. A sweet smell of lavender filled the air of my bed room. It was my favourite.

I forgot to switch on any light. The ambiance was mesmerizing. I was not sure how to react. I went inside the bedroom. On my bed, there was a floral heart. The floral carpet was drawn till my study table on the other side of the room.

Unlike normal days, the table was empty except some expensive scented candles, a sqaure white box and a paper beneath that.

I picked up the paper, that said –

“I have been waiting for last five years for you to tell me those words. But you have always been too shy…Buddhu why don’t you understand – ‘I love you’.” 

It was Shweta’s hand writing. I did not know how to react. I was completely taken aback by the unexpected development of events that night. My hand started trembling in mixed feelings.

Suddenly a warm and tender hand touched my shoulder. It was she. She was there in my flat waiting for me to come back, waiting with a big surprise, bigger than I could ever think of. Probably she had taken my flat keys from Ranjit. I hugged her tight and broke down into inconsolable tears. I kept on crying for minutes. I don’t know why at that time I was  remembering the cruelty of my first wife that stopped me from getting close to any woman, I always remembered the cruelty of our legal system that stopped me approaching any woman, I just did not know how to react.

My tears told her – “yes, I loved her all these years but never told her because I did not want to taste the bitterness of our legal system that considers me as a criminal even without any fault”. My tears told her that – “yes, I always wanted to be loved, I always wanted to play with my child but I was not sure how events would unfold for me. One woman whom I have trusted earlier had broken my trust badly, put me behind bars on false complaints for no reason, I loved her too. But her powerful father had bribed witnesses to put me behind the bars and that took away my confidence from all women. How could I trust any woman after that?”

I don’t know how long I cried that day, all my pain that was piling up all these years, the pain of missing a beautiful child who loved playing with me before going to bed every day, the pain of missing the fun of travelling to exotic locations with my family, the pain of missing the tantrums of a child – all rushed out at one moment. I had no words to explain how I felt that day. I kept on crying…

She held me tight. She was aware of my pain. Probably that is the reason she didn’t say anything all these years.

‘I Love You’ – She whispered in my ears and repeated ‘I love you sona’..

I could not reciprocate easily. My emotions were running high and became highly disorganized with those words. I started crying again, but this time in joy and ecstasy.  She hugged me tight, kissed me all over and looked straight at my eyes. These were the eyes that I have seen for last fourteen years but it was for the first time those eyes told me something different. I whispered back – ‘I love you too’..

She lifted the small gift wrap from the table and given it in my hand. –‘This is for you…. Open it’.

I opened that box and there were two beautiful diamond studded platinum rings inside. Those rings told me the truth of our relationship. A combination of Platinum and Diamonds which was perfect material to seal our most precious day, seal the most precious moments that will be everlasting like the metal itself. The precious white tone of the metal symbolized unblemished love and feelings between two of us, shining metallic tone symbolized the lackluster future of our relationship.

The ambiance created by floral petals, scented candles, lavender smell added to the heavenly feeling. We put those rings to each other’s fingers, held our hands together and looked deep into each other’s eyes. The silence in ambiance was so heartwarming that it filled my heart with optimism for my future life. I knew I got my companion for rest of my life.