Awesome quotes from Ramayana

Not every book review is easy. “Ramayana – The Game of Life shattered dreams” was also not easy for me. I was blown over by the mindboggling quotes from Ramayana and I felt like doing this book review in a different way. In this first part of review I am just mentioning those awesome quotes that I have collected from the book. These quotes show deep understanding of life and provides us much needed philosophical guidance to live a better life –

PART 1 – Life quotes

How long can one go on with smiling faces and crying hearts! Either till the smile of the face goes to the heart or the cry of the heart reaches the face.

Life is a combination of hope and despair! The one that dominates you carves your personality!

Every protector needs protection! Being constantly reminded of such a fact, keeps the protector humble. Everyone in this world has a role to play and a role to depend on. The absence of a role to play causes despair, and the absence of a role to depend on causes hauteur.

Calamity in friendship is the absence of a person during sad times; calamity in governance is the absence of courage in emergencies; calamity in culture is absence of determination during temptations; calamity in agriculture is absence of rain during cultivation; calamity in parenting is the absence of time during development.

Unity without loyalty to a common goal is like cement without water to seal bricks.

A full hardy person seems enthusiastic to the ignorant but he seems ignorant to the wise.

The fine delineation between over confidence and self-confidence is determined by the reaction to good advice. When the water of good advice is poured an overconfident person’s already filled jug rejects it, whereas a self confident person’s sponge absorbs it.

Confidence is contagious, so is fear.

If service is like flower and genuine service attitude is like fragrance, then gratitude is like bee that hovers over it. Relationships thrive when genuine service is acknowledged by active gratitude.

Being a genius is not so much about knowing everything as much as knowing what one does not know and seek guidance.

Change Management is about gracefully changing the way we perceive change!

Decision making in the kingdom of Ayodhya followed a circular system where the king was also a point on the circle and not at the center. At the center was the welfare of the state. The king was not a lawmaker but a law keeper.

Empty flattery soothes the mind, whereas copious appreciation touches the heart.

Flattery engages only the tongue, while appreciation employs the eyes to observe, the ears to listen, the intelligence to analyze, the tongue to speak and the heart to feel.

When eaten the flattery fruit intoxicates and weakens, whereas the appreciation fruit gives strength and encouragement.

The blessings of the strong is to facilitate the weak, the blessing of the weak is to strengthen the strong. Blessing is an intangible currency that helps one buy the ingredients of success.

The joy of giving is higher than the joy of occasion of giving. But the joy of benevolence can be only perceived when the giver gives with gratitude.

The simplest joys of nature cannot be replaced by complex creations of man.

Only the inexperienced say that father is only a father. He is a protective father only initially, then he is s disciplining commander, then an encouraging teacher, then a transparent friend, then a respectable mentor, and then a dependent elder. Holding on to a past role is like holding on to a moving car.

For a good leader, anger and desire are his loyal servants; he displays them when required. The day these servants peep out without instruction from the master; that day marks the beginning of the end of the leadership.

An insecure person needs constant validation and wants to be worshiped every moment in his life to feel secure.

Gossip is like a cacophony of crows where every crow seems to be saying the most important thing but has neither the time nor the inclination to hear out what other crows have to say. People involve in gossip to feel important.

A good leader is like an ordinary wire that remains safe even after transporting electricity and does not try to hold on to it. A good leader

Trying to enlighten fools is like trying to soften a bamboo by pouring milk over it.

The burning desire to have something is called ambition. A healthy ambition turns into a disease of greed when innocent desires turn into conscience-depleting obsessions.

The distance between two men drowning in a quicksand does not matter as the distance between a drowning man and a man on the stable land.

The essence of any learning lies in its comprehension and its application of that lesson.

In the past, even objects were respected and named. These days, even people are disrespected and numbered.

A hollow puppet, though irritated tolerates the hand stuffed into it. A hollow bell is shaken vigorously from the outside and beaten intensely from inside. A hollow bubble is fearful of the weakest hand that touches it.

When a hollow man experiences the confidence of another, he feels like a stuffed puppet, the shaken bell and a vulnerable bubble.

What you desire is what you see.

The mightiest roar of a lion is a tiniest squeak in the midst of a thunderstorm. Every negative situation in life has seed of positivity.

When glass shatters, it explodes. When pride shatters, it implodes.

Personal joy derived by gifting pain to others is charity that creates a wooden heart.

Praise is the temperature at which every human melts.

God’s intelligence is to make a fool feel that he is intelligent.

Nature’s way of humbling one is known as ego therapy. Its not a soft massage but a strong message.

Confidence is the key to all doors but overconfidence is the lock to all doors.

Confidence leads to inspiration but overconfidence leads to perspiration.


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