10 points to remember while travelling with kids

This post will ensure that your kid and you both are happy while traveling. These points helped me in keeping my kid happt while traveling and I am sure this will help you as well.

Are you travelling with your kid for the first time? Remember that your kid can add magic to your travel or ruin it completely. Hence it is very important to take best care of them. Remember these points while you plan your travel –

  1. Take their medicines

Don’t forget to take all their medicines. This is the first check point any parent should have. If they are allergic to any medicine note that down. If he is using diapers, please carry sufficient quantities of those. Carrying diapers may not be that essential if you are travelling to a city, but for hilly areas these are a must have items with you. Calculate the number of diapers they would need and carry some extra.

Along with their medicines don’t forget to take their potty if they have a habit of using that. If you ignore this they can get really irritated in the whole travel and your travel will be spoilt. Keep them in diapers while you travel locally and if you think they have nature’s call while you are out, make them feel at ease and use diapers.

  1. Study weather before-hand and take sufficient protective clothes for children

Thanks to internet today doing a research on the weather condition of the place you are travelling is very easy. There are so many sites for that.  Even travel sites give excellent section on weather condition. Carry sufficient clothes for your children especially when they are below five years of age.

  1. Book appropriate room in advance

Many people think booking a couple room is good enough when travelling with a child. A child normally needs extra space, so make sure you book a sufficiently large room with at least a queen king size bed. If you are at the hotel room the child would want to play. You bed may be his playground. If you have more than one child travelling with you and when they are 10 years or older, it is better to book a separate room for them.

  1. Select the right travel destination

From my experience I have seen that it is better to avoid hilly areas with children below five years. Since hilly areas have less oxygen child suffers from breathlessness. Also even when they can walk they get tired very often because of the hilly terrain and you may have to carry them on your lap or shoulders. It becomes painful for the parents as well.

There is another reason to avoid hilly areas. In these areas we get a tendency to get stomach problem since the food is not cooked well and there is water problem. Hence it is better to avoid these places when your children are below five years of age.

  1. Do the right research before going there

Not every destination is suitable for your kids. Children like entertainment parks, zoos, animals, birds etc. They may not like museums, nature, temples or ocean. Choose your destination well, book the right hotel to have enough amusement facility for them and then see if they have their choice of entertainment available before selecting any place, hotel.

  1. Make your travel hassle free

If you do not financial constraint it is better to book in flight as journey time is less. But if you need to travel by train then book a train where you have at least one night journey covered if the journey is of more than 12 hours duration.

Once you reach your destination try to book a cab at least for hotel transfer since you will have more luggage. For sight seeing if you can’t book a cab then book luxury tourist bus where children below 5 years is free.

  1. Plan for their food in advance

If they are on baby food, take their food from your home. Don’t assume that you can buy the same in your travel destination. Children have specific preference to baby food and that may not be available everywhere.

When going out for sight-seeing please stuff their food for one whole day before going out. Most of the tourist places have banned plastic items. So remember to carry their food in proper container. You will be allowed to carry their water. Carry small flask for hot water and their water separately.

  1. Taking toys along

If the kid is a toddler, you may have to carry their toys that they love. Don’t forget this as many a times when they don’t eat or cry while you are out, these toys can really pacify them. Never forget their favourite toys.

  1. Tag your child

One important point to remember is to tag your child when you are out. This needs to be done for any kid 6 years or below. You can have their name and your numbers, address and languages they can speak very well written in their pockets. Even if you are sure that he will always be on your lap, don’t forget this step.

  1. Give them good massage everyday

Even if your kid is a toddler and travel only on your lap, don’t forget to give them a good whole body massage once you return to your hotel room every night. Children get tired of travelling too. Once their normal lifestyle is hampered they will get irritated and one irritated child can spoil your entire travel. It is better to keep them happy, entertained and rejuvenated to have a happy and memorable travel.



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