My Platinum Day of Love

It was just another day for me!

My lonely life was getting all boring day by day. Ever since my bitter divorce I have been living alone. No tension at least of getting any false dowry or rape case from anyone.

I got up little late that day, got ready for office and hurried up to the office. Had some important meeting with my boss. Ever since she had come to Bangalore I could not meet her. It was the first day of our meeting and I didn’t want to be late.

I was asked to wait as she was busy with some other call. I logged in and started checking my mails in the meanwhile. There was a mail from our HR reminding me that it was my birthday. Nowadays, only these official mails and social networking reminders tell me about all the important days in my life. I have a very bad memory of remembering birthdays, even of my own. It was no more a special day for me.

The day was long and hectic for me. My manager congratulated me in our meeting and asked if I had any special plans for my birthday. Ever since I have decided to live alone, I did not make sweet memories for me because of the fear that those memories would haunt me in future. My first marriage had given me enough pain to even consider sharing my bed with anyone else in future. That is why I never proposed Shweta, my 14 years steady friend. Our friends used to talk about our relation but I did not want another messy relationship in the name of marriage. She had also not said anything.

It was a long day for me. I came back home around 12pm that night. At least two hours late than my usual time. No one except my HR and my manager wished me that day. It was not heartbreaking at all, as my birthday was never a special day for me. Ranjit, who I trusted most among my friends and who also used to stay in my flat whenever he had a fight with his wife, also forgot my birthday. Shweta was not in town, she went to Singapore nine months ago. No wonder why she didn’t wish me either. But I don’t blame anyone, I myself do not remember my birthdays.

I was exhausted, had my dinner outside so that I could directly go to bed. Next day I had another important client meeting. I was thinking of next day’s agenda while opening the door. I opened the door and there was surprise all around. Someone had changed the decor of the flat with a magic wand. I could not believe in my eyes.

The entire floor of living room was decorated with floral petals. A distinct path of rose petals was made from the door, through the living room to my bed room. As if someone has laid a red carpet for me. Decorative Diyas and scented candles showed me the way through the floral carpet and took me to the bed room. A sweet smell of lavender filled the air of my bed room. It was my favourite.

I forgot to switch on any light. The ambiance was mesmerizing. I was not sure how to react. I went inside the bedroom. On my bed, there was a floral heart. The floral carpet was drawn till my study table on the other side of the room.

Unlike normal days, the table was empty except some expensive scented candles, a sqaure white box and a paper beneath that.

I picked up the paper, that said –

“I have been waiting for last five years for you to tell me those words. But you have always been too shy…Buddhu why don’t you understand – ‘I love you’.” 

It was Shweta’s hand writing. I did not know how to react. I was completely taken aback by the unexpected development of events that night. My hand started trembling in mixed feelings.

Suddenly a warm and tender hand touched my shoulder. It was she. She was there in my flat waiting for me to come back, waiting with a big surprise, bigger than I could ever think of. Probably she had taken my flat keys from Ranjit. I hugged her tight and broke down into inconsolable tears. I kept on crying for minutes. I don’t know why at that time I was  remembering the cruelty of my first wife that stopped me from getting close to any woman, I always remembered the cruelty of our legal system that stopped me approaching any woman, I just did not know how to react.

My tears told her – “yes, I loved her all these years but never told her because I did not want to taste the bitterness of our legal system that considers me as a criminal even without any fault”. My tears told her that – “yes, I always wanted to be loved, I always wanted to play with my child but I was not sure how events would unfold for me. One woman whom I have trusted earlier had broken my trust badly, put me behind bars on false complaints for no reason, I loved her too. But her powerful father had bribed witnesses to put me behind the bars and that took away my confidence from all women. How could I trust any woman after that?”

I don’t know how long I cried that day, all my pain that was piling up all these years, the pain of missing a beautiful child who loved playing with me before going to bed every day, the pain of missing the fun of travelling to exotic locations with my family, the pain of missing the tantrums of a child – all rushed out at one moment. I had no words to explain how I felt that day. I kept on crying…

She held me tight. She was aware of my pain. Probably that is the reason she didn’t say anything all these years.

‘I Love You’ – She whispered in my ears and repeated ‘I love you sona’..

I could not reciprocate easily. My emotions were running high and became highly disorganized with those words. I started crying again, but this time in joy and ecstasy.  She hugged me tight, kissed me all over and looked straight at my eyes. These were the eyes that I have seen for last fourteen years but it was for the first time those eyes told me something different. I whispered back – ‘I love you too’..

She lifted the small gift wrap from the table and given it in my hand. –‘This is for you…. Open it’.

I opened that box and there were two beautiful diamond studded platinum rings inside. Those rings told me the truth of our relationship. A combination of Platinum and Diamonds which was perfect material to seal our most precious day, seal the most precious moments that will be everlasting like the metal itself. The precious white tone of the metal symbolized unblemished love and feelings between two of us, shining metallic tone symbolized the lackluster future of our relationship.

The ambiance created by floral petals, scented candles, lavender smell added to the heavenly feeling. We put those rings to each other’s fingers, held our hands together and looked deep into each other’s eyes. The silence in ambiance was so heartwarming that it filled my heart with optimism for my future life. I knew I got my companion for rest of my life.



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