My life changer

It was beginning of the year 2001. I have just completed three years in my first company which was in my core sector. Being an engineer I always wanted to excel in engineering but that decision had not paid me off. My friends had earlier decided to join IT industry and many of them were settled abroad by that time. They were driving SUVs and were living in apartment in San Jose; a perfect life for any techie and enviable one indeed.

I wanted to stay in core engineering sector but that was not paying enough. Also the knowledge that I gained in my four years of engineering was not used in my company at all. The main reason I wanted to stay in core sector was to use my knowledge and improve upon it. I understood the importance of core sector and wanted to excel in that as I thought in that way I would not let my four years of education go waste.

However, when my friends started getting netter offers and changing their jobs every now and then and leading a life that anyone would dream I became frustrated with my career options available in core sector. I couldn’t see any long term prospect for me in future and hence decided to join IT sector.

Joining IT sector was not easy. I didn’t have any training in IT and I needed good training so that anyone would agree to give me that break. So I joined a software training institute in Kolkata and started learning some trending software programming languages so that I could change over to a new industry.

As soon as the training was over I got a job in IT sector in Bangalore. Initially there were some failures but ultimately I could break through a company and got appointment. I was the first lateral placement from the training institute and I was very happy about it. I could see my career flourishing afterwards.

That was the first time I decided to change my city to Bangalore. That was the first time in my 26 years of life I thought of changing over to a new city for my luck and for my career. Everyone supported me as Bangalore was supposed to be a very progressive city.

Coming out of the home city and going away from all relatives and live in a completely different city was very tough decision for me. It was very bold decision as well as before me no one else had come out of Kolkata to make a living. I thought of that as a good decision as I could realize that being comfortable living in different cities was the need of the hour as professional life was expanding to all different horizons. I am glad that I took that bold decision in 2001, that is why I could make my life see different colours that probably I wouldn’t have experienced if I had lived in Kolkata for ever.


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