My Singapore Love – Chilli Crab

Singapore Chilli Crab
Source – Dish Maps

Being an Indian and being a Bengali I have an inclination towards chilli fish, chilli chicken and chilli prawn. I never tried to understand how these two dishes were made or originated. I just happily grabbed them wherever I could. Being in Singapore was special for me and I am not sure because of my inclination towards chilli chicken I got attracted to chilli crab too.

Crab was not new in my ordinary Bengali life. My father used to bring crab in our home and my mom used to cook them in Bengali way. We used to call that Crab JhaalJhaal in Bengali means spicey. Any new sea food including new variety of fish is cooked as jhaal.

So when I first came across this variety of crab preparation I was interested to try it out. That was once and that got repeated. Thanks to my taste buds liking the tangy sauces used in this dish was so soothing to my taste buds. The sweet and savoury nature of the dish, the base of chilli and tomato sauce created a yummy taste to my taste buds. It was known to me and similar to any other variety of Indian chilli dish I knew. The fluffy nature of the dish was probably because of added egg and flour.

Singapore Meme

Once one Singaporean friend suggested to have this with a toasted bread called Mantou. That was again a different yummy experience. Where I used to live, there was a restaurant named Signboard and they had it best.

I had only one problem. Once I found this close to my Indian taste buds I could not taste other yummy varieties of Singapore. But this one was too good for me so I somehow liked it.

Thanks Singapore for having something for everyone. I am sure other travelers too will find the food suitable to their taste buds.

Many more such recipes can be found in here

Meme 2



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