Split Remedy..for your relationship

I was dating Neha for last five years. I liked her personality and honesty. Nowadays getting an honest girl is such a big problem. But what I didn’t like about her was her hair.

It is very difficult to reason out with a girl about what she should wear or sport. She normally have a good dressing sense but her trimmed hair always gave a me feeling that I was dating a boy. Oops..I always felt I was a gay. My friends also used to bug me with her boyish attitude.

Since last four years my parents were pressurising me to get married. I didn’t want to submit myself to a stranger. Known devil was always better for me. But I used to get intimated by her appearance. I could never muster enough courage to strongly criticize her for her boy cut hair. I mean she was cute but looked like an underage boy to everyone.

I have always hated boys imitating girls and girls imitating boys. Both genders have a reason to exist and coexist. I believe that we can’t take up each other’s role, so it is better that we be satisfied with our role and compliment the role of our partner. But looking at Neha I always felt she was my competitor as she wore boys’ clothes, used to drink with boys, play cricket and looked like a boy. My parents had a mild heart attack thinking of her as their bahu.

I asked her several times about her trimming her hair short, and always she used to tell me split ends. Oops..we boys are really happy with small hair. We don’t have so much problems. No maintenance yet good shiny hair. But for girls it is not like that. They need to maintain their hair all the time. I can feel for them but the last thing I wanted was to be termed as a gay by onlookers.

One day we had it all, I gave her ultimatum. Either you grow hair or part your way. I want a wife, a woman in my life and not another boy.

She wept and promised me that she will come back after six months. I promised her that I will not date anyone else in these six months and will wait for her. But if she does not come back I am going to hook up with someone else, may be my mother’s choice.

No, she didn’t make me wait for six months. She came back in just three months. I was amazed to see her beautiful shiny and smooth hair. She was looking so lovely that I fell in love again. She not only looked gorgeous but she looked as if she was an angel from heaven specially sent for me by god.

I asked her the secret of her heavenly change in appearance, as I glued to her eyes. Suddenly those eyes looked even more bright, more shiny, more inviting. Her face was glowing with confidence and the mild fragrance emanating from her hair invited me to get closer. I lost myself in her hair and started taking the complete fragrance  from her head.

–          What are you doing? Leave me, others are watching.

She whispered in my ears as I tried to cling onto her. I didn’t want to let her go that day. She was all mine, made for me.

–          Honey tell me the secret.

I asked her when I came back to reality.

–          Why what will you do knowing?

–          Please tell me..I am dying to know the secret.

–          No not needed..

She refused me like I was rejected by her. As if I have lost her for ever. That feeling of losing her created a great sense of urgency in me. I hugged her tight and planted a long lasting smooch in front of everyone as if that had no end. She tried hard to untangle herself from my arms, but couldn’t. After sometime she succeeded when she promised that she would tell me the secret.

She told and that was a fantastic reality for me. She has started using a new brand of split remedy shampoo and conditioner four months ago and that yielded amazing results.

I looked at the wavy, curly, smooth and fragrant stream of hair that rolled down to her shoulder. I was very happy that finally a hair care brand has invented something that could not only prevent split ends of her hair, but that also brought a useful and economic remedy to our relationship split as well.

That day is still very special to me. It gave me much needed strength and optimism to go on with my life. I thank the brand that saved my love for me. This made the day very special to me. It is still most memorable day in my life. I am happy to share this with https://housing.com/.



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