How I want to start with new Moto E

New Moto E is a smartphone that is loaded with many features from the high end Moto devices. Launching some its awesome apps are also super easy besides it being a super user friendly mobile. If I ever get this phone I would like to gift the same to my parents who are currently using a normal low cost variety local made mobile phone.

When it comes to smart phones I am not a new user. I am using smartphone for more than five years now. Even though I don’t use all features of a smartphone but I find them really useful. My parents on the other hand find it difficult to use phones. They find it difficult even to click photos and save them and retrieve them in time without others help. Gifting a phone like Moto E to them will open a new world to them.

If I have to gift this phone to my parents who are technologically challenged I need to give them basic training with the device as well. These are the features that my parents would love to use –

  1. Switching from rare camera to front camera by nudging the phone – This feature will help them take selfies and send them to distant relatives especially to their grandchildren. When they are visiting any family ceremony they can take easy snaps and share them with relatives at distant places. Moto E gives the opportunity to share clicked photos in three simple touch that enables any first time smart phone user to use the phone with ease.
  2. Easy navigation and safe driving – I found the easy navigation feature useful for my parents as well. Now they can drive to any destination and will not have to type the destination name in Google maps and spend a lot of time typing correctly. Inspite of that they can simply say “navigate to this place”….and the job will be done. Google map will open and the way will be shown. A great feature for any first time smart phone user, especially for those who are technically challenged.
  3. Ease of sending emails – staying away from home and staying separate from children can bring additional challenges to any elderly person. Email is a very cost effective way of communication for these people like my parents. But if they have to login and type out a mail they can’t do that. One reason is the time they would take to type will be so high that they would find it better call that person. Instead of typing it out, Moto E gives the users an option to speak out the email they want to send and the email is sent automatically by the phone. This is an awesome feature that will definitely help a first time user like any of my parents.
  4. Viewing notifications without unlocking the phone – My parents will love this feature. Many a times they are so busy that they can’t get engaged with their phone. This option will give them opportunity to check only important messages in detail. They can ignore any message that is not important. The time spent on checking each message is reduced this way will help them.
  5. Click anywhere to take snap – Normally in camera phones we have a specific button to click for taking snaps. Moto E comes with a feature that enables users to click anywhere to take a snap. This makes taking selfies and other pics super easy for anyone. They don’t need to concentrate on the camera button while taking snaps.

These are only a few features that will help my parents to use a smartphone. But with this I need to get started as well. Because the reason of giving this phone to my parents will be to enable them use it to their advantage and to our advantage as well. I will load this phone with apps for citizens safety so that they can notify us in simply one touch options. I will teach them how to use some mobile banking options so that they don’t need to go to banks every time they wanted to do a transaction. In today’s world technology is bringing so many features to us.

Effective use of these technologies will not only enable the technologically challenged people, but also can keep a lot of pains away from tech savvy younger generation like us. We can at least be assured that my parents are safe at a distant location as they are using a smartphone that can alert me when they are in need. A lot of my pain thus goes away and my life becomes tension free.

This gift of a smart phone will not only be a start for them, but a start for me as well.

To know more about the phone please login to their website.

Here is a video that talks more about the product –




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