Seven ways to safety using my new moto e

moto e logo

Here are a few ways I #ChooseToStart with my new moto e

moto e - be safe from stalkers
Stay safe – don’t confined your self to selfies alone. See who is peeking on you

1. Be safe from stalkers – if I think someone is stalking me, I will use my moto e screen as mirror to see him/her and if I will take his/her snap and share with friends in three simple touches. I will be safe and alert on roads.

2. My Job Safety – Workplace safety is to keep my job intact without getting unnecessary calls during my meetings with CXOs while I close important deals or make important presentations. Moto assist meeting feature keeps the callers from ruining my opportunities and thus helps me keep my job.

moto e sleek and trendy
Being sleek and trendy with moto e

3. Sleek and trendy – saves my reputation – Now moto e comes with colourful rubber grips that makes the phone look trendy and gives it a good grip while using. This trendy vibrant look creates positive impression about me and saves my reputation everywhere of being outdated and old.

moto e - voice recognition
Sending email while driving

4. Multitasking – saves my job and relations – my new moto e allows me open my emails and draft them simply on my voice instruction. So now I can manage my relations and work both while driving or while doing some other job. Great work-life balance gives me safety of my work and personal relations.

moto e sneak peek at notifications
My sneak peek at notifications

5. Safe from humiliation – Now I can take a sneak peek at my notifications without even unlocking my phone. That saves my time and I can disregard any unimportant notifications or take top priority notifications while I am in meeting, or driving or eating food. Saves me from a lot of humiliations around. So I respond when needed.

moto e - navigation
Open navigation map by voice command

6. Safe way back home – Now launching Google map on my moto e is super easy. My new moto e takes voice command and I can easily open Google map for my navigation map to my way back home no matter where I am.

motoassist - sleep mode
motoassist – mode

7. Safe and sound sleeping – I want to have good dreams and solid good night sleep without bothering about late night disturbance from my fan following, while my mobile keeps all messages in store for me to check later the fixed time slot for my sleep keeps my mobile awake and me asleep. Making my heart rejuvenate with a good night sleep and stay safe in life.

This is how I #ChooseToStart with my new moto e. What’s your plan?


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