The small things that make me happy

Simple living is a virtue. Not everyone can have this virtue in life but everyone loves to boast about it. I am the one who loves to be simple in nature and be happy with my simple lifestyle. There are simple and small things that still make me happy and at times I do feel awkward to express happiness when I become happy over small things.

Some of the simple things that make me happy are –

  1. Fried Neem-Brinjal combination with rice – Well, many of my friends would hate me for telling this and keeping it as the first point. But a deep fried tender Neem leaves with brinjal makes me so happy that I do not need anything else in my lunch if get them. When I was in Engineering college hostel it used to be prepared in our lunch and most of my friends used to hate this dish. I used to collect this from everyone and eat the whole of that. Those days used to be the happiest for me.

In this context I would like to narrate an incident. I was living in Chennai then. I used to buy my grocery from a local grocery store. They used to supply vegetables to me too. Since they hardly understood Hindi, I used to communicate with them in English. With great difficulty I told them that I needed tender Neem leaves and they were surprised to the core. There was a Neem tree nearby and they told me to get the leaves free of cost from there. Then with great difficulty I told them the importance of the leaves being tender in order to eat them. Well the way they looked at me as if I were an animal who likes these thrown away substances that no one touches was very memorable for me.

  1. Writing something new – The happiness I get by writing something new can not be expressed in words. I would be happy if I don’t have the need to work and can have a good life only by writing new articles. Given a chance I will keep blogging the whole day if I get good and interesting topics.
  2. A good afternoon nap – Call me a lazy bum but I will still say that I love daydreaming. Well daydreaming is only possible when you sleep in the morning and I would like to do that every afternoon. Better and filling lunch make me more drowsy. After all no one has given me a oath that I needed to work the whole day.
  3. Calling my mom – I live in Bangalore for working purpose but my mom lives in Kolkata. Every day I call her once or twice on mobile and speak with her. This 5/10 min chat about her life and about my life gives me much needed strength to continue with life. I tend to think that there is someone who thinks about me and cares for me. Well it is time for me to call her…so see you later..


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