The breakfast that I desire


Guptaji has invited me for nashta in his house. Well he is an early riser and a marathon runner. He actually invited me morning jogging too but lazy me could not make it that early. So he had nothing else but to invite me for breakfast.

Normally I am not that keen on bothering others in the morning time, especially those with family. But when all our neighbours started asking him for nashta, I thought why not try it out once in his house.

Guptaji claims that his family knows 100s of awesome mouth-watering nashtas and I always felt that is little too much bragging. Well, not so much when you have an aide like Kellogg’s cornflakes.

Recipes with cornflakes?

Well, I didn’t believe either until he game something on the first day that he told me was “chup karane wala nashta”.

Nashta with a purpose. To keep our mouth shut. I thought of trying it out there.

He brought a bowl full of cornflakes with some top up with nuts and honey and that was served with cold milk. I looked at the bowl and felt cornflakes served with cold milk couldn’t taste good. Well, I was proved wrong with first bite into the bowl. It retained the crispy nuts and flakes with sweetening effects from honey. Cold milk was giving a feeling of melted ice cream. Every bite into the recipe only made me wonder how did he know that.

Well, I had to keep my mouth shut and come out on the first day only telling him that it was good. Well, not to mention that I was curious and jealous from within.

So I was wondering what was up next. Every other day I used to pass their house wondering what they had prepared that day in nashta. He was not inviting me and I was wondering why. It was little frustrating for me so one day I started going to jogging in the nearby park.

We met there and he was surprised to see me there. Naturally he had no option but to ask me the reason a lazy fellow like me started jogging. That was the opportunity for me. I didn’t want to lose that opportunity and started praising his healthy body and sharp mind. I told him that I wanted a fit body like him. He almost fell in my trap. He started talking about his healthy eating habits and that led to a conversation about his nashta.

Well, not to mention that almost immediately I got invited to his house for breakfast. That day he promised to surprise me by his best tiffin recipe.

Cornflake laddoosThat day he served laddoos but those laddoos were different. They were crispy, crunchy and definitely delicious. Made from pure ghee they left me wondering how he could made laddoos out of cornflakes.

I couldn’t stop thinking about his amazing recipes and asked him the secret. He revealed that the recipes were from Kellogg cornflakes’ cookbook.

He told there were 100s of such recipes on Kellogg’s list and I just can’t stop myself from tasting each of those. Where else I can go other than his house?

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