The irresistible Asus Zenphone 2

There are many reasons I want Asus Zenohone 2 smartphone immediately but the top 5 reasons are mentioned below –

1. The 4 GB RAM –Asus Zenfone 2 comes with huge 4GB RAM  that makes the phone super fast and helps me in completing all my tasks much before time. This also helps me in gaming, watching movies,  video streaming and browsing much faster compared to other normal devices. Another awesome application of this huge RAM capacity is in my blogging. Now I can publish my blogs even faster. Well there is another reason why this super fast phone is my favorite, it helps me submitting my entries to indiblogger HH much faster.

2. Fastest charging facility – The second reason for me to wait for this device is its unique technology that helps me in recharging it much faster compared to any other device I have. This technology helps me in boosting up the battery power by 60 % in no more than 39 minutes. So now I can watch endless videos, endless blogs, movies, chat endlessly, talk to my friends and family for hours without having to worry about running out of battery. I wish I had this feature inbuilt in my other devices too.

3. The camera that helps me seeing more details in every photograph that I take – Asus Zenfone 2 has inbuilt pixel master camera that captures stunning high resolution photos with zero shutter lag. This helps in capturing moving objects, sports photos and capturing images on the go. So now when I go out on vacation on my bike or when I travel with my friends for long distances in our cars I can capture all stunning images in our route without any problem.

4. Low light mode camera – The industry leading feature of low light mode camera helps me in capturing bright and high resolution images even in low light conditions. This in a way means that now I can travel anywhere at any point in time and shoot pictures with any lighting conditions. That means no matter whether I am driving back from my office at late night or driving to city outskirts in early morning, I can take amazing quality pictures without worrying about the light conditions much. This technology helps me in capturing 400 % brighter photos in low light conditions. This in a way keeps my blogging and photography unmatched in comparison to other bloggers.

5. The stunning curvilinear look – The luxurious ultra thin ergonomic arc design makes this phone evan more desirable to me. the 72 % screen to body ratio and 1920 x 1080 full HD IPS display maximises the viewing experience. An incredible 403 ppi pixel density bordered by an ultra narrow bezel gives Zenphone 2 this maximized viewing experience. These are only a few of many reasons I want an Asus Zenphone 2 in my posession without any delay.


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