Crash the Pepsi IPL II – ad review

“Check out the #CrashThePepsiIPLvideos & participate in the activity at BlogAdda” Judging the best video commercials for any brand is not easy, especially when there are many ads that vie for the best spot. When I came to know about this task I decided on the parameters that will ensure the best ads. I have decided on seven parameters that I will look for on any such commercial. They are –

1. Identifiable – The commercial need to identify the product or associate with its brand value properly.

2. Spontaneous – The commercial viewer should be spontaneous in identifying the product and relate to it. Also the ad should not have a feeling of forced conclusion.

3. Genuine – The ad should be genuine one and not copied from any other commercial.

4. Funny / Shock – The video either needs to be funny or give a shock so that people remember the same.

5. Informational – The commercial need to convey the right information about the product and it’s characteristics.

6. Creative – Any commercial becomes interesting if it is creative.

7. Inspiring – The commercial need to be inspiring enough to force a potential buyer buy the product.

Crash The Pepsi IPL Winner
This post has won the Crash the Pepsi IPL contest on Bligadda

These are the following brand characteristics that I could think of aerated beverage drink Pepsi – enthusiastic, energetic, achieving, charismatic, powering, zing, gush of energy. After carefully browsing through the ads I could enlist the following six ads that was appealing enough to vie for the top spot – 1. Feel Like Winner by Rahul Rajesh Gor 2. Kitty Partly by Rupali Mukherjee 3. Apna Stadium Banal by Md Asad Parvez 4. Puppet by Pocket 5. Jhingalala by Yogesh Negi 6. The robber by Ashutosh Joshi When I started giving each of these ads points based on the parameters selected initially I found amazing results that thrown away the most popular ads and created a new ranking. Here’s the details –

1. Feel Like Winner – this ad couldn’t identify the excitement factor of the brand well. (2) It was spontaneous and genuine (5) but there is no fun or shock (0). It did convey the brand information that it is about quenching thirst, but it is less compared to original brand image (2). The ad however was creative and inspiring as it showed how easily the man learned batting technique with Pepsi (5 each).  Total point 24/35.

2. Kitty Party – This ad could identify the product characteristics to some extent (4). It was spontaneous (3). In terms of genuine, creative and inspiring too this add has got full score (5 each). It was somewhat funny (2) and informational as about the product (3). Overall this has got 27/35.

3. Apna Stadium Banao – This was a unique concept where three boys who wanted to watch a cricket match fail to get tickets and was asked to create their own stadium if they wished to watch the match. They do not lose heart and create their own stadium in a unique way. This ad identifies the product characteristics as that of winners (5), spontaneous in nature (5), shows genuine value of the product (5) has a great fun element (4). This ad is also informational about the product as it shows excitement, enthusiasm and energy (5). Highly creative (5) and inspiring to the viewer to create something new and exciting (5). Overall score 34/35.

4 Puppet – This add is surely high on creativity but low on portraying excitement, enthusiasm and zeal factors. After scoring this on different parameters I could give this only 20 /35.

5. Jhingalala – This ad shows a man lost in a jungle is attacked by aboriginals. They find Pepsi in his bag and was excited after drinking it. While they were making merry the man escapes. This ad is high on excitement and enthusiasm. Overall I gave this 32 / 35.

6. The Robber – This ad shows a robber climbing up a high rise in night time, when she reached the rooftop it is revealed that she was climbing the building to watch a cricket match in the stadium nearby. This ad has good shock component as it gives us shock twice once when it is discovered the robber was a female and the second time when it turns out to be for watching the match. Also this ad is very inspirational and shows proper brand image of energy, enthusiasm and zing factors together. Overall this ad again for 34 out of 35.

So in my view the two ads 1. Apna Stadium Banao and 2. The Robber are best Pepsi ads as they convey the brand image properly. Here are the two ads –


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