Ace batsmen run for cover as Kapil Dev bowls smoogly

Now ace batsmen M S Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli can’t face Kapil paaji the ace Indian pacer from olden days. However, it is not because of his pace bowling but the newly invented smothering googlies. This has created a new need of these players and get trained in smooglies a name given by his enthused supporters to show that these are delivered ‘smoothly’ and have smothering effect on the opponent batsmen.

It was also observed that non cricketers like Sania Mirza or Baichung Bhutia could play these with ease as they all participate in paaji’s new league ‘EkNayiLeague’. Surprised over Kapil Paaji’s awesome comeback Virat Kohli said “I am happy that Anushka could face his smooglies well. I need to learn this and can’t play with the skills I learnt so far.” Commenting on Kapil paaji’s comeback in a grand manner cricketer Navjyot Singh Sidhu said in his style –

“Kapilnejo rang layi

Wohdil ko chhunjayi

Maidan mein fir se chhagayi

Badhai paaji, hardik badhai”

It came to our notice from cricketing community that Sidhuji himself tried to face Kapil’s yorkers but failed. Smooglies are creating more problems for the batsmen to have with their knowledge and skills.

Commenting on EkNayiLeague Bengal’s cricketing tiger Saurabh Ganguly said Kapil ji is at his best in this new league. Dada was addressing a media following launch of his new television program for a Bengali channel when he commented that Kapil’s simplicity yet innovative mind is a deadly combination and is behind the success of this league. He congratulated Kapil for being different and bringing in this variation.

However, not everyone is aware of this new league and they are curious to know more about this. Some of the ace bowlers are trying to get trained on this new technique and they hope that they will be successful in the days to come. Cricket lovers however are wondering what Kapil ji had brought in new to them. Those who are lucky to have seen a new paaji in action are already thrilled about this new league. Those who haven’t are logging in to Twitter or creating Twitter accounts to know more add Kapil has announced that he will reveal more secrets about this new league on his Twitter account. Since then the number of followers of his Twitter account is increasing at a rapid pace.

Many celebrities are also interested to participate in Kapil’s league and they are dying to participate. Those who do not have any idea about this new league are however speculating big time on the website and hoping that they will win big money by speculating correctly. So what do you think this new league is all about. Give your opinion here and win big.


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