My natural remedies to get rid of home odor

Here are my natural remedies to remove home odor are –

Keep the doors and windows wide open


This helps sunlight and natural air to come in and keep your home always fresh.

Keep the toilet floor dry

Dry toilet floor

Important and very effective way to keep toilet odor away. Keeping the floor always dry, keeps all bad odor away. Use the toilet for urinating purpose and use flush to flush out urine every time you use them.

Keep the bath towels dry

Dry bath towles

Another effective way to keep your bathrooms fresh is by keeping your bath towels dry. After taking bath, please dry them in sun.

Wash your bath towel regularly

Wash bath towels

This will keep the towel germ free. A healthy way to keep your body germ free as well. The frequency will depend on how soon the towel gets dirty (number of people using the same). Since I am the only one using the towel, I wash it once every week.

Segregate your clothes

Segregate clothes

Your daily use and washed clothes need to be kept separate so that the used clothes don’t get mixed up with fresh ones. I use cloth hangers for all used clothes instead of keeping them together. I also make sure I dry them in air every time I wear them before putting them back to my used cloth wardrobe.

Clean bed linen regularly

Clean bed linen

Bed linen is another important material that stinks very often. Since it tolerates our sweat and other dirt throughout the day, it is important these are cleaned based on frequency of use and weather condition of the city you live in. In my Kolkata home I need to wash my bed linen every 15 days, but in my Bangalore home I wash them once every month.

Kitchen sink odor

Kitchen sink

People complain of odor from kitchen sink when they don’t clean utensils regularly. Or keep waste food items in those utensils. I always clean all food items from my utensils and throw them into dustbins before I keep the utensils in sink. So my sink never stink that much as all stinking items are thrown to dustbins.

Keep the dustbin dry

Use tissue paper for dustbin

Now, this is really a big challenge. Best is keep tissue paper inside the dustbin along its walls. Dry dustbins don’t smell.

Smell from shoes


Our shoes are especially very smelly. One main reason is we keep them covered or don’t clean them regularly. It also sometimes happen that we keep wet or moist shoes with normal shoes. It is thus important to keep them in open racks or put them in covered racks only after drying them sufficiently enough.

Have flowers for home


If you have a puja room or change flower in the flower vases regularly that can keep all types of home odor out.



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