Refurbishing home with Bed Bath and More

Someone asked me the difference between a house and a home. I told that a house remains as a structure of brick, mortar and wood unless we have some life in it. For me if a house is a lifeless object a home has a life. We need to feel the vibes of a home and make it alive. A home becomes alive with its inmates or the family living in.

So it is important that the family members decide on the home décor which is again dependent on the choice of the members living in. Thus, getting a home refurbished and revamped becomes a challenge in itself. Especially when the choice involves too many stakeholders and everyone’s choice is different. There seems to be no better solution than deciding on the design and wall colors together as a family.

I recently came across a website that helps us doing exactly that. This website gives us the flexibility of choosing the color of the walls, furniture and other home décor elements on simple mouse click and that helps us decide as a family on the design of our home.

We can choose our home design based on different themes available on the website. I found the following two themes exciting and most suitable for our needs.

Lemon Cooler

Lemon Cooler

This theme gives us a feel of vivid and fresh ambience. Whenever we think of lemon it brings freshness in life. India is a summer country. The choice of lemon brings a sense of freshness during summer.

With a makeover of my house using colors from this theme gave a feeling of freshness to me all through my bite sized life in different parts of my home –

Luminous Tones

Luminous tonesSometimes in life a sense of brightness and comfort is also needed. So other than cool lemon freshness if I had to choose a second theme or a second option I would have chosen the luminous theme. I liked the vibrant feel of this theme it would really give awesome feeling to children in home. This goes well with the vibrant nature of our kids.

This website also has some cool ideas of paint selection or selection of selection of other items of decor. For instance I liked the two shades marked in the image below as my paint options for these two themes –

Color choice LemonAlso the fabric ideas

Fabric choice LemonFabric Luminous

The website also gives cool product ideas and I have chosen both products matching with the theme and products in complete contrast with each theme. This variation will give us relief from monotony –

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