Responsible Tourism – 11 Ideas that can change the world

Many a times even though we fight for green planet we forget the same while traveling. Here are some tips that can help us travel green and change the world around us.

Many a times even though we fight for green planet we forget the same while traveling. Here are some tips that can help us travel green and change the world around us.

  1. Travel by train –

Electric Train

Well, as much as possible. That does not mean you need to travel to Andaman by train. There is one fun way of planning any train trip, especially in India. When you please your trip plan it in a round path. Every stopover should be overnight journey. This is discussed in detail later. But train journey adds to the comfort and reduces the load on your pocket, besides being environment friendly. Oh yes, don’t litter the railway track and only dispose you litter in proper bins. Let others enjoy the ride, too.

2. Travel light –

Travel light

It is a well-known fact for every traveler. This is advised not only for a comfortable journey but also for an environment friendly one. Well, your travel load is less, less fuel is needed for your transportation hence less pollution. Your comfort also adds to the comfort of the nature.

3. Plan well –

Round trip

As I just said in point #1, plan your route in a round path and make every stopover a journey of one night, maximum 10 hours. See the fun. You spend your travel nights in train, get the required travel and also reduce your travel expenses in hotel booking. Plan is check out from your hotel in the morning, have a sight seeing local tour the whole day and then in the evening move to your next destination while sleeping. Perfect use of your time.

This also becomes environment friendly as you travel by train while you move around.

4. Local travel –

Sight seeing

Local travel by cab is unavoidable in many places. Even in India only in some destinations you find tourist buses. Also these buses have fixed routes and you may not be able to enjoy off beat destinations.

But even when you travel by cab make sure you choose a new and a cab in good condition. That will automatically reduce pollution directly. Also when tourists reject cabs in bad condition those owners also get discouraged to abandon those cars. Indirect environment friendly work.

5. Dispose waste responsibly –

Waste management

It’s simple, don’t litter everywhere. Let the nature breathe. I spoke about it during your train travel, also during local sight seeing trips, dispose your waste only in bins. I know India is lacking in even having waste bins in designate places, so you may have to carry your waste back to your hotel of stay to dispose. Remember, you will not like a littered place.

6. Avoid plastic, use jute or paper bags –

Paper bags

It is more easily said than done. Even today, with all awareness we have we can’t avoid plastic bags. So we need to be responsible in disposing them if they become inevitable to use. You may however reduce the use of plastic bag (when it is inevitable) by using the same bag time and again for disposing waste (like skin of banana, orange, biscuit wrappers, etc).

7. Remember your music may be others’ cacophony –


I know many of us are not even aware of this. Even when you are traveling by your own car please keep the music low. Even animals get disturbed by our music.

8. Being wild in the wild is a wild idea

Teasing animals

Source of the image

Have you heard of a man trying to offer garland to a tiger in Kolkata zoo. No, he was not a traveler but he wanted to perform a stunt that went really bad. Irritating wild beasts in their habitat in any manner will not only make them hate men, but also may endanger your life.

9. Learn, accept, respect new culture –

Foreigner in India

When we visit to other places we need to accept a different and unknown culture with open heart. Our travel becomes enjoyable only when we do that. But how does the environment gets benefit? You will learn great things about how different communities save the nature around them. Follow them when you are in there and also propagate the lessons learnt. Simple yet powerful.

10. Explore not deplore –


No matter how silly new thing you see (that may not match your culture) in the new place adapt to the changes or just avoid them silently if you don’t like them. If you criticize any of the practices that the locales have not only they will not like it, you will be deprived of learning more lessons from them. May be some other things could be useful for you. You may also understand that they are preserving their nature by following some of those customs.

11. Remember, Money Spent is Money Earned

Money spent is money earned

You may already know this proverb but how is this helpful in saving nature? The money you spent in traveling helps the locales build their locality. They earn money through tourism and that is they give back to their area of residence. This helps nature as the locals save them and more tourists visit that place. So do travel. Many people survive on your travel.