The First Father


You came in my life like an adorable monkey

Who jumped around

Ran around

Played around

….and made a big mess of everything.

But it was all so lovingly done

I wished this mess happened everyday.


You were a sweet little honeybee

You brought the sweetness of honey in my life..

every action of yours was so…sweet

..and you brought the sweetness in my hive.


….a playful sweetheart

who knew those playful tricks from his birth

even the most angry parent would melt

and love to be intrigued.


A little bundle of joy

you were full of colors

who made my life

and filled it with happiness

like never before


…like a mischievous prankster –

Who brought all the mental peace of mind

Yet –

there was no peace

when you were not around.


Your stubborn attitude

made us agree to your demands

Or just avoid them to keep you shouting

Until we budge in.


Your charismatic presence

was my mirror image.

The ‘Bangalibau’ perfect

in kurta – pajama.


Your loving smile

would have won hundreds of worlds.

Your playmate Chimpu (the chimp)

is still looking for you..


Your playful character

made me remember my childhood

even in the wilds of Thekkady

or Bannerghatta..


When we Leos ever met..

something extraordinary happened

we tamed the wild

and made them our playmates.


Do you remember

those evening walks

you would never want to walk

until I decided to stop..


We Leos are different…



playful but nurturing..



Intelligent and inquisitive

like a little prodigy..

that you are.


Down your memory lane..

In some of the darkest corners

I will fade away slowly..

my memories will stop haunting you.


Will you ever remember the warmth and coziness..

will you ever miss my touch when you’re tired, exhausted

will you ever look for the security and peace of mind?


I am not there for you today

and your memories are carefully erased..

by this society..

For Ever…

When these sweet memories fade away..

no matter what you do or remember

no matter how your future shapes up

remember what I taught you..


Learn to stand alone…

don’t try to find happiness in others

be a self-respecting human being

who would not be afraid of anyone

…only a braveheart like you can do that.

You will be a two year old forever in my memory. The way age when we last met. I don’t know who I am for you. Future will tell you that I am no one to you. Only I know that –

I am your first father

Who never really was a father.

Here is a brief message for you from me –

Personal Message to Piku