India in 2050


“Hello Kalpana, wake up!!” Mihir’s voice did not hide irritation.

He did not know when did his wife Kalpana return. 4 AM or later. Last night she had to visit Batra’s house. Mr. Batra was alone there. His wife went to see Rohan, a college student who lives. Women in their locality like him. Some like Mrs. Batra openly express their desire about him. Women are very open about their choices today. They don’t hide their feelings. Guys like Rohan are really lucky bastards.

Mr. Batra fixed an all-night stint with Kalpana. Mihir knew about it. It was Kalpana informed Mihir about her plans for that night.

Kalpana is the mother of two. Both her kids go to school. Kalpana does not remember their biological fathers. Every night, after her whole night stint with her partners when she comes back home she does not remember anything.

Kalpana opened her eye slightly. Mihir was standing there in his undies.

“It’s 12 pm sweetheart, wake up”, Mihir said. Saira was clinging to his neck. Mihir could have invited her last night to stay together.

Slim, petite Saira looks gorgeous in her nightdress. But today she wore only piece of cloth around her waist. Probably just wrapped around something in haste as their night stint would not have gotten over.

Kalpana’s children Sayan and Riya had gone to school already. Poor fellas, don’t get proper attention from their mother.

Kalpana wakes up and prepares to freshen up.

Their maid had prepared tea already. She just needed to warm it up.

“Saira, how was your last night with Mihir”, Kalpana asked loudly.

“Oh, it was fantastic, Kalpi”, Saira Replied. Mihir used Viagra though.

“Viagra, oh god..Mihir you are only 48, why Viagra from now? Why don’t you see a good doc?” Kalpana complained.

“I will, honey”, Mihir shouted. He added “actually Nayantara aunty had spoilt my desire”.

“Don’t blame it to Nayantara, Mihir. My dad says she has all ingredients to liven up a dead man. You probably have become worse”. Kalpana’s reply was full of sarcasm.

“Well, I gotta go out. Have a date with Pinky today. May not come back tonight. Hope you will be there when Sayan and Riya comes home”. Mihir asked Kalpana. He was almost ready to go out.

“What time are they returning?” Kalpana asked.

“May be around 3”.



The big wall clock sounded sweet melody three times to tell the world that it was time for the children to come home. The school vehicle was in time. Kalpana was ready in her best attire.

Ding Dong!! It was Sayan and Riya.

Both children were very enthusiastic to see their mother in a sexy satin dress.

“You look sexy Kalpi”, Sayan rooled his eyes as he commented.

Riya only looked at askance to her and said, “mom, give me 5000 bucks, we are going to booze tonight”.

“Sure dear, but don’t be late at night. Mihir and I will be out whole night, so you guys need to take care of home”, Kalpana said.

“Again, mom. So where are you going tonight”, Riya asked.

“I will be with your Jatin uncle. He is alone tonight and invited me for spending one night. So be like gooood girl, okay?”



Welcome to 2050 India. Completely liberated from all clutches of oppression of patriarchy, where women are liberated and when our sexual fantasies are not only limited within adults. Check out a completely liberated India.

Male and Female Prostitution is legal today.



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