Advice that mattered

Dreaming Kid
Kids have thousand dreams, but most dreams die premature

All kids live in a world of dreams. In their dreams rainbow has more than seven colours, clouds can take them to other galaxies, stars are blinkering angels that invite them to play in the ground of blue sky. In their dream world kids can speak with animals, get messages from birds or hear music in trees nodding their branches in the rhythm of air. These dreams are awesome because these create great inventions. If we did not dream we would not have achieved so many difficult feats.

But can we achieve everything on our own, without any motivation from others? Many our dreams get suppressed under piles of responsibilities and huge pressure from social norms. That is the reason we see good sportspersons ending up in being salespersons, good painters writing software codes for a living and good photographers ending up in Engineering jobs.

When we see our dreams can’t get us big money or have little acceptance from the society we live in, we let them die immature. Dreams die only to create thousands more unless we settle for those socially accepted and rewarding ones.

When asked about their dream of future, kids choose a profession that gives money, ensures pride. That is how we inculcate our dreams. But not all dreams can be realized with ease. Some dreams can’t be acquired by hard work and without some natural talent. I had a dream that needed talent and I was not sure if I had any.

All my friends chose to be Doctors, Engineers, CAs, Pilots, Soldiers under the pressure of society. Even my parents taught me that if I selected any of the above dream, I could pursue any other dream that I might have. But their insistence was that I choose one from the above as my primary dream.

But our dreams can’t be contained within set social boundaries. The Beautiful mind wanders widely in search of happiness that these set dreams can’t provide. So even though I did let my mind fly high in my childhood and did try to pursue a dream that my heart wanted, that died unnatural death without the realization of my true potential. I abandoned the dream and punished my heart with a wrongful conviction that I did not have skills good enough to pursue my dream.

So in the marketplace called our “education system” where our dreams are traded everyday, where many of our true desires are thrown into the junkyard and where new man made dreams are created, I became an Engineer. In other word I became a new money making machine that could serve any industry and that was capable of providing for others. My secret childhood desire was buried deep inside my heart and gone into oblivion. The condition was such that I completely forgot that secret desire, my memories were washed away that I had ever pursued that dream.

But sometime life do give back unexpected rewards. In my case the reward came from a distant man who until then did not meet me. He recognized my talent and pursued me to follow that dream, buried under a pile of different expectations. From my emails sent out a self-help group, he identified my writing talent and advised me to pursue writing seriously. Initially, I was hesitant as I was not very sure about my skills. It reminded me of my buried childhood passion but I was not sure about the feasibility of the same in present age. Moreover, his request was to write about something that was not socially acceptable and was hated about during that time.

But I was always open for new challenges in life and I always believed that no good thing was ever achieved without any challenges; and if that happens, the achievement loses its value. That is why I have taken up the daunting task of writing for Men’s Rights during December 2012 the most adverse time Indian men could have in recent times.

Today I write poems, stories, fiction, shayaris, and what not for a highly debatable cause – Men’s Rights. Do men really need any right? My achievements in doing so, making the change happen in the society from a completely adverse situation in Dec 2012 to favourable situation today where even National Commission for Women and celebrities talk about men’s rights or misuse of women centric laws, makes me feel like a winner. Those 1000 rupees vouchers won for my stories give me more satisfaction than getting a much higher salary. Someone rightly said, money is a very lower level need of a human being. Self-Actualization is the need that can give us a meaningful life. I have achieved that through the advice of an unknown and distant man.

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I am blogging about my dreams and the people who helped make them true for the #AdviceThatMattered activity at BlogAdda in association with Stoodnt.


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