The best curator

Gone are the days when we had to visit places to curate stuff for our need. Now the things that we wish to buy are available at our fingertip in our drawing rooms. When many of our purchases are moving to online buys, many of us are also turning to websites that can curate products of our need from different websites. Zap Store is one such website and our job is made easy by this site by comparing price of different online stores and giving us best deals available online.

The concept used by Zap Store is social selling concept. Buyers create their online zap store profile by collating products from various online stores and their followers buy products based on these information. One can also share the product information on Facebook with one’s friends.

Social sharing

To create a profile on the Zap store, one can either use one’s FB credentials or signup with the site using email and phone number. After signing up one is asked to select products of one’s choice from the available categories –

Pick category

One needs to select at least five categories to begin with. Icons on the website are self-explanatory and one can pick and choose their categories according to their preferences.

Products are compared between several online stores including the following which gives us a sufficiently reasonable data to compare and pick products of our choice. This comparison in a way ensures that a buyer from Zap Store gets only the best deal available online–

Choos brands

What makes it more rewarding experience for a buyer is the reward points one get once a purchase is made from one’s zap store. The website displays the reward rates like this –


One can create a store by selecting products from Zap and share on social network. The website provides very simple navigation with two tabs – Social and E-Commerce. Social tab gives selected products from the Zappers in the social network of the person. The e-commerce tab gives selected products that one wants to buy online. This depends on the categories one select while creating one’s zap profile.

The E-commerce tab also gives best offers on various products. One can pick and choose from those products. If one likes any product one can share the same in social media. The website also gives easy sharing options on computer browser and through its mobile app. Instructions available on the site shows how easily one can be a social media referrer of a host of products.

I have selected some products and created my own store of a few products that I found suits my choice and need. My store has products that I need the most now. You can visit my zap profile ( to have a look –

My zap store

Even though the website has a good concept on social marketing and a very easy navigation to help anyone browse through products of one’s need, creation of the store and comparing prices from various e commerce sites are still not perfect. For many products I did not find comparison between more than two sites. Also I felt that categories listed on the website are very few. In our daily life we need more categories and I hope that those will be added soon.


I am making my own store for the #BestZapStore activity at BlogAdda in association with Zapstore.


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