The photo that captured me

My Pic

A picture says a thousand words.

But to make a picture speak thousand words we need an expert lens behind.

That is how photographer Supranav Dash has captured a warrior here and tells a story that touches many lives.

But why is this picture so special?

What does a half dressed, tired, half asleep man in a neatly organized, well ventilated but hardly furnished flat signify? Why is there a tiger above the man? Why is the tiger coming out of the photo frame? Why is there a flower vase in one corner and why is hardly any furniture seen in the house?

This photo captured through a professional lens signifies the life and story of a warrior. A tiger reborn out of his consistent fight with a determination to bring about a social change. The tiger in the man comes out of the set prejudices of being within a frame and thus coming out to show his presence. The tiger is looking above signifying the progress and vision of change that it has in its eyes. The flower vase signifies peace and all that is beautiful in life. The warrior is tired and may be half asleep in this frame but his beautiful dream is all about a positive social change.

The well ventilated and well-lit house depicts a bright future envisioned by the warrior. The neat interior of the house depicts the clean lifestyle with bare minimum necessities. This sacrifice of luxury items is an important trait of any warrior who wants to bring about change.

This picture also shows no trace of any other family member in the house. Depicting the man may be living alone there. In fact, that is how his life story goes about. Once a family man with a kid he now lives alone after divorce and separation from his wife. His wife took away the furniture and other luxury items from home and now he is living alone. But this solitary life did not bring loneliness in his life. He performs all his daily household work and also takes care of his professional life.  Other than this normal life of a simple Indian man he also works for the welfare of other Indian men and boys. He consistently thinks about different ways to fight against the gender hatred created in the society in the name of feminism.

This picture not only tells us a story about Indian divorces but this also shows that not all solitary lives need to be in deep depression. This is not a mere picture. It is a story that gives us a hope, a hope that can change many lives.

That is why this photo touched my heart, inspired thousands including me other than the fact that photographer Supranav Dash had in fact captured me in this photo.




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