An unfinished story

It was a hectic and tiring life crippled by mundane daily work. I felt tired. My mundane and boring life gave me energy only to eat and sleep on weekends. When most men go out with their families, I felt better by sleeping my day out.

It was a lazy afternoon. After a heavy meal my eyes were automatically shutting down. I tried reading a novel lying down on my sofa.

I did not know when I slept off. In my dream I saw I was in a BIG warehouse of abandoned goods. It was completely dark and no one was around. I could see an old teak wood table at one corner under a Fluorescent bulb.


A 5-6 years child was writing something in his small diary. I was not able to see him as he was turning his back to me. I was curious to know what he was writing in the abandoned warehouse at that hour of the day. I snatched the diary from him. It was written in Bengali –

“Today, Nilu didi was sad. She was hiding behind bushes all day along. I know Golu was the main culprit. He might had again fought with Nilu di. I don’t know why pinku or Chi Chi don’t scold him. I will ask mom not to give any food to Golu today. He is very naughty.

But the problem with mom is she won’t understand. She will give food to everyone. I have seen, this morning Nilu didi didn’t eat that food. Sad, mom still gives food to everyone.

One day I will punish Golu. Yes, I myself will punish him. When I am a BIG man and can hold Golu in my hands, I will throw him away. I myself will go into the bushes and find out where does Nilu didi hide at times. I will…”

I recognized my handwriting. I recognized the story written in my childhood. I noticed those torn pages, blue ink mark on the cover page and those reddish pages. This was a notepad thrown away by my father. I picked it up in my childhood to write my diary. But how did this child get it?

I looked around to find the child. But he was nowhere to be found. I got scared. Hurriedly came out of the warehouse, scared and sweating like hell.

For those who do not know Nilu didi, she was a fish in our aquarium. In my childhood I used to play with her and others in the aquarium. It was fun. Nilu, Pinku were names given by me because of their colors. Golu was a fish round in shape. All of them were my friends and I wanted to write about them but could not finish my story.

When I woke up from the afternoon nap I was all drenched in sweat. There was a power cut in my house.  The mid-summer Kolkata heat had forced me to wake up. I hurriedly went to our attic. In a long closed dark room we kept all our discarded things. I rushed to the heritage teak wood table at the corner. It was not neat, there was a pile of other unused stuff on the table. I searched hard in the books and finally I got my diary. My little old bunch of childhood joy.

It was a challenge for me to complete the unfinished story. I was emerged in those sweet childhood memories when Ravish, one of my long term friends called up. Among many exciting things what we planned together was a trip to Goa and after that trip I could finish my incomplete childhood story. The remaining part of the story goes like this –

“I will explore the world where Nilu didi belonged to and take on eye to eye with all those who were like Golu.

Today, after 35 years I went into Golu’s world. Not the makeshift world of home aquarium but the real world of marine aquarium thanks to During our Goa tour a boring and unfit person like me tried his luck in scuba diving in Goan beach to experience the real thrill of the marine world. The world that belonged to Nilu didi, Pinku and Chi Chi. It also belonged to Golu but I didn’t know real marine Golus are beautiful and hard to find in Indian marine life.

In this real world aquarium, sharks are the Golu dada. But divers say it is not easy to find sharks in Indian sea shores. The divers who do find them are luckiest ones. My Scuba trainer in Goa told me that he saw sharks only two times in his diving career.

Image from

Even though I knew swimming, there were many in my training group who didn’t know swimming. Actually scuba diving do not need swimming knowledge and one do not need to be very fit either. So thanks to when I met people who could take me to the real world of Nilu didi and Golu mastan I felt great. I explored flora and fauna and checked inside the beautiful marine bushes to find Nilu di’s home.

I didn’t know that there are so many wonders awaiting me in their homes. I realized probably Nilu di used to enjoy that ravishing world rather than being afraid of Golu dada. I learnt real Golu dada of marine life is not that dangerous. I promise, try Scuba diving in Goa once and you will write your own complete stories of amazement”.



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