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দাও ফিরে সে অরণ্য, লহ এ নগর..

What Tagore realized almost a century ago is changing our lives today. Our tiring metro life is leaving us search for happiness in nature. But more we are building sky scrapers and cutting down trees more we realize how true were Kaviguru’s lines.

In the quest for mental peace and in my thirst for natural beauty I ended up in Kerala many times. And truly so, it always reminded me why Kerala is called God’s own country. God here is the mother nature –

If Kerala backwaters give us thrilling views of sunset and monsoon then maneuvering through its rivers and lakes give us some of the most fascinating views.

Chaliyar 1

When you get these breathtaking views, you realize how blessed are people in Kerala to live within this absolute natural bliss. The mother-nature plays Holi with colors early in the morning. Birds, animals, insects join humans to enjoy the natural. This awe inspiring nature brings heaven on this earth.

Life of Malayalis is surrounded by rivers. Among them Chaliyar is the fourth longest river in Kerala. The Chaliyar river is also known as Chulika River or Beypore River as it nears the sea. Nilambur, Edavanna, Areekode, Kizhuparamba, Cheruvadi, Edavannappara, Mavoor, Peruvayal, Feroke and Beypore are some of the towns/villages situated along the banks of Chaliyar.


Kerala rivers that connect lives of people living on its banks, reminds me what Tagore once said –

খেয়া নৌকা পারাপার করে নদীস্রোতে ;

কেহ যায় ঘরে, কেহ আসে ঘর হতে ।

The ‘Kheya’ (or small boat) he referred to here connects the lives of people.

The Chaliyar river originates in the Western Ghats range at Elambalari Hills in the Wayanad Plateau of Kerala and flows through Malappuram District for most of its length and then for around 17 km it forms the boundary between Malappuram District and Kozhikode District before entering the city of Kozhikode for its final 10 km journey and finally empties into the Indian Ocean.

Chaliyar river is also famous for its boat races. Races that give many reasons to bond, and a sport that breaks free from the monotony of life. Running through the picturesque valleys of Western Ghats this river attracts thousands of tourists to its boat races every year.

Boat Race

Boat race in Chaliyar river- Flickr

We Hindus believe God exists in nature. God is present in our animals, trees and also in human beings. That is why we Hindus don’t believe in going to temples for our worship. When we conserve our nature, when we take others along the development route then we thrive as a species. That becomes our best offering to the nature.

Boat Race Chaliyar1


Like famous snake boat race, there is another sport which is catching up fast in Kerala rivers. It’s Kayaking. Every year Chaliyar Kayaking event brings professionals and amateur adventurists to one place.

The reason Kayaking is becoming a famous sport in Kerala are many. Calm and scenic Kerala rivers flows through most of the picturesque waterscapes of our country. Other than the fact that Kayaking gives much needed physical exercise, it also gives us a reason to celebrate life as the Kayaking event is held for river conservation.

Pledge for river conservation

People take pledge to conserve Chaliyar river

As the Chaliyar river connects the lives of people on both sides of the river it also gets polluted by the polluting industries and human waste. Thus it becomes a necessity to work for the cause of saving the waterway.


Thus the agenda of the sports event is simple. Promote the waterway as a popular sports destination and when people engage in this popular sports and start experiencing the ravishing beauty of the river they will stop polluting the river.

In fact this will also help spread a message to everyone about keeping our rivers clean and restore our waterways. The sports event can also bring more tourists to the area making these places popular tourist destinations. This can also improve the financial condition of the people around.

The event not only reminds us that green is god but also gives us a reason to celebrate life.

So what are you thinking? Wanna take #ChaliyarRiverChallenge?

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It is another reason by joining the event you will bolster the voice to conserve our rivers and preserve nature.