Dear Zindagi

Dear Zindagi,

It feels great to connect with you at this crossroad of life. You are like an uncertain train journey for me, it has a start point and so far it followed different tracks to reach where I am today. You are still uncertain to me as I am not sure of my destiny.

I have started my journey with you four decades ago. As every train journey takes time to gain top speed, you were initially slow moving for me too. That’s is why, dear Zindagi I think you were awesome in my childhood. But once you have taken up speed like a real life express train you have hardly stopped. But this does not mean you had not stopped or slowed down at all. Those pauses were much needed breaks in my life. It was more like express trains stopping at railway junctions.

I remember that until 6 years of age you were very slow. At the age of six when I started going to school you took up speed. Still you were awesome. As it happens at the initial part of train journey we try to know our co-passengers. Everything and all strangers we meet in train brings a surprise to us and the same happened to me once I stepped out of my home. The world was new to me and I was trying to know every new friend or person I met. All of them taught me some lessons.

From the start of my journey I noticed that whenever my track crossed someone else’s track either one of us paused for a while as it happens in every level crossing. Sometimes a passenger train coming from opposite direction but sharing the same track stops while another passes by. Pedestrians and other vehicles stop at level crossing to allow the faster trains to pass by. Sometimes trains are stopped at different stations to allow those vehicles. In my life too I have waited for others at different cross roads. There were people who waited for me too. Many of these people who waited at those cross roads didn’t even know me. Most of them I didn’t know. Still we gave way to each other to avoid mishaps. Probably that is your rule – dear zindagi.

A train stops at important junctions to refill essential supplies. Like dear zindagi you stopped when I passed my class X board exams. The three months gap I got before I got admitted to higher secondary education passed in a jiffy. It was like a long haul in an important junction. When my zindagi’s train started again it went in a direction I never thought of.

Some of other important life events where my zindagi stopped for a while. When my grandma died, when we shifted to a new house, when I got into engineering, when I got into a prestigious institute, when I got my first job, when I got married, when my child was born, when I got divorced – were all important cross roads. These were like stations where my life stopped for sometime to collect important supplies. These supplies were important life lessons I learnt.

Dear zindagi, you have many other similarities with a long distance train journey. Very often we look at you like we look through the small windows of train. So our vision becomes narrow. We don’t realize how BIG and varied the outside world is. Some of us keep the window closed and do not try to realize that there exists a large and mighty world. They think that the world is as small as they can see inside the train coaches.

Dear zindagi, sometimes our life’s train gets derailed and we meet with accident. In real life train journeys there is hardly any chance of a derailed train to come back on track, but you dear zindagi allow us to come back on track. If it gets derailed permanently we may lose your company for good.

Dear zindagi, you run on many tracks for different destinations. You change your course while running and I don’t know where you are destined to for me and I love you for that, because if I knew my destiny probably my journey with you would have been boring.

Please be awesome like this forever. Dear zindagi, I am yet to see complete you and I am loving this.

Yours truly..