A new look home – a new life

Can a new look home create a new sense of life? A home remains a home forever and its charm is recreated everytime it gets a makeover. The vibrating life within the four walls of home changes. As if with every makeover the inmates get new life or find a new meaning to it.

Taking a decision on the home makeover is not easy in modern times. This is a lifestyle decision that affects many. From the kids who are 8 years of age to 80 year old grandma, everyone has some say in a home. Because no matter which corner of the home they stay, that becomes their own heaven.

So it is never individual decision to go for a home makeover and with websites like www.bedbathandmore.com this challenge of home makeover has become just easier.

This website gives us choice of themes that we can use for our home and in an ideal situation I would like to honor each individual of our home with the choice of their own theme.

For example, kids get maximum priority in any home. I will start with their room and it goes without saying that their room will be painted in their favourite chocolate colour.-

Kids room makeover

But for our bedroom we would like to choose much refreshing cooler looking lemon shades of green. The lemon shade will give us some relief from our stressful daily life –

Bed Room LemonThe toilet will be in deep brown chocolate shade and the common areas will be a combination for all inmates.

This website also gives options of choosing accessories according to the theme of the corner. But I would like to choose accessories which are of contrasting shades. For example, if the room is of the theme of refreshing lemon we will choose items from vibrant purple color to create contrast.

Accessories Similarly if we choose the room in shades of vivid orange or dark orange we will use maroon accessories so that the items stand out.

Maroon accessories of room makeoverIt is a good feature of the site that they also give us enough choice of accessories and themes and we have options of selecting multiple themes for our home too.

It is said, that we are a king / queen in our home. So we need to create a palace to have the similar feeling.