#SniffSniff – umm..aah ..are you Nivea?

Inhale – don’t exhale, again inhale and only inhale…

Hey wait..what happening to you, is the nature reversed today? Why are all people only inhaling and not exhaling as a normal living process. Hmmm..the secret is in the air you breath.

You don’t see them, you can only experience the smell through all your sensory organs.

But how is smelling a fragrance with all your sensory organs possible?

Well, you need to experience that with the all new Nivea for men, body deodorizer.

There are many ways to fight body odor. Our pheromones that are natural create our unique identity with our uniquely designed odor that attracts only selected individuals towards us. That is why some women like us some don’t. But why do some people smell really aweful? It has something to do with their personal hygiene issue, their personal cleanliness.

There are many ways to fight body odor. One effective way is keep yourself clean and maintain basic rules like taking bath daily, use clean clothes, use cotton shirts, eat less spicy food etc. But there is an easy way for the lazy bums – use Nivea for men, body deodorizer. It smells so good that everyone around you will only inhale the fragrance.

I was lucky to be a part of this activity called #SniffSniff. As a part of this activity we were getting some surprise gifts and we needed to guess the final product.

As it happens, on first day we received one sketch of a man and a clip for hanging clothes -with a message inside. Well, it is one way to fight body odor. Use a clip and close your nose that senses bad smell.

After getting the first clue, I knew that the product was supposed to be a fragrance for men. Probably that was the reason the brand had chosen only male bloggers. Even my followers on Facebook and Twitter started asking me about the product that I was not sure during the campaign.

Second day we have received a bagful of coffee beans. Coffee beans are normally used to ward off bad smell or rather neutralize influence of any smell. It can be either good or bad. This clue too hinted at a fragrance.

On third day of the activity we were sent a mask – a mask that is normally used on road by traffic constables or pedestrians, by doctors during operations or workers in morgues to keep pollution at bay. If the pollution is from someone’s bad body odor then we may need one very well.

All the first three clues hinted at a fragrance brand for men. So I was very sure that a fragrance either a deodorant or a perfume was underway.

The product was delivered to me on the fourth day and it was Nivea body deodorizer – a smell that we can’t forget.

Many of my FB followers were thrilled to see the new product for men. Some did complain about the campaign being misandric as it showed men as smelly and messy.

Well, I always advice my readers to check the product themselves and share their feedback with others on my blog. You all create value for this blog, so please share your valuable opinion here. If you find that awesome smell around, please ask – “SniffSniff – Are you Nivea?”