Your kids’ desire to seek Everest adventure ends here

Now get FB likes sitting under the Himalayas

Now your kids can tour to Mt. Everest, instantly upload breathtaking images en-route on social media and get likes sitting under the picturesque snow clad mountains.

There are six-year-old kids enjoying their summer vacations this way. They are trekking to Everest Base Camp (EBC), enjoying hot Himalayan tea and boiling soup in tea houses while being connected to their friends in rest of the world on social media.

Picturesque valleys and terrain awaits you in Himalayas

If your children can communicate well and are good enough to communicate early problems of high altitude sickness and are accommodating enough about different harder life habits, they can easily tour to EBC and enjoy the authentic Himalayan beauty or take a plunge in Kushi river.

The rules of thumb in these Himalayan expeditions are staying together, being light and being accommodating. Chocolate may be considered a luxury item there as it costs a bomb. But since they are instant energy bundles you need to stack your own pack of chocolates.

Camping under the mighty Himalayas

Journey and excitement of EBC trek start from Nepal’s capital city Kathmandu as you board the flight to Lukla. Your trek starts after that and on your way to base camp you can discover Nepalese tea houses, secret monasteries, small villages and their culture and tradition.

People throng to Mt. Everest almost all through the year but most conducive for trekking is the time between March-May and from September-December. For amateur tourists and adventure seekers harsh weather trekking in winters or during monsoon is better avoided.

Snow filled peaks and priceless clear sky near the range

There are many best practices listed here that you can follow while trekking to EBC. This link also gives the experienced tour operators who can take care of all your travel related requirements. These tours normally range from 14 to 18 days.

The best part of this trek is it does not have any narrow cliff or path en-route the base camp. That is why even kids can take this trek.

When they just come alive for your children

The best part of this amazing trek is your kids can enjoy their social media connectivity and upload latest pictures en-route. Local mobile operator N-Cell provides 2G and 3G services there and all you need to have is a sim from that operator. You can buy that sim card in Kathmandu.

You might have traveled all around the globe but to experience world’s biggest and mightiest surprise you just can’t miss this Himalayan expedition. For any further assistance, you can always visit


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